a cheerful living adventure

Well, here we are, picnic basket packed, wellies on, ready to head into a new adventure.

You can read all about why I’ve started this new little blog on the ‘about me’ page.

Suffice to say, I found myself longing for a different kind of life to the one that I have, a life with chickens and seaside, and a big garden, and plenty of space – all good things, but in the process of all that longing, I forgot what I love about the life that I have.

I decided it was about time I reminded myself, and set about learning a few new things too.

I live in the city, not the countryside – but I can walk out of my door and be looking over fields and hills in ten minutes. I can’t keep chickens, but I can buy local eggs, and there’s chickens at the school up the road I can visit. I can’t grow all of my own food, but I can grow herbs, and rhubarb, and tomatoes. I can make my own compost, and my own bread (not at the same time). I work full time at the minute, but I can make time for a bit of sewing. We’re lucky to have ten charity shops in walking distance – I haven’t bought ‘new’ clothes in years.

I can’t promise this is only going to be a blog about simple living – although I would like to remind myself about the importance of living simply whenever I can. Sometimes my plants will wither and die. Sometimes (often) I’ll burn the cakes, or tea will look like something I’ve picked up off the floor, and I’ll eat it anyway. I like to think about jolly and cheerful things, so there won’t be photos of half-decorated rooms, or cobwebs round the ceilings (but be assured there’s plenty of those round here). Sometimes I’ll be a little grumpy (although there won’t be photos of that either).

What I can promise is that I will enjoy living where I live and the life that I have. I will meet people who can teach me new things. I will say ‘yes’ to some things, and ‘no’ to others. I will make do with what I have, and mend things when they break rather than buying new. I will search out local food, and buy it when I can. I will dig and grow and sit outside in my little garden. I will talk to the neighbours. I will not spend all my time roaming around the internet daydreaming about other people’s lives (even though that’s always fun). I will drink tea, and stare out of the window. I will probably take quite a few photographs of cups of tea. I will make a few, probably unsuccessful, attempts to make my own clothes.

I promise to live as cheerfully as I can. I’d love it if you joined me!

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2 Responses to a cheerful living adventure

  1. Fanny Adams says:

    Hi Daffy!
    thanks for the link off your old blog. I’d have never found you otherwise.
    subscribing now so I never miss a thing.
    F A

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