some things i did and didn’t do today

I didn’t go to spin class

I did spend quite a long time lazing around in my new chair under the kitchen window, watching the sky

I didn’t go to the apple day I’d planned to go to

I did go to the same DIY shop twice

I didn’t come home with what I needed, not even the second time

(Never go DIY shopping when you’re cross)

I didn’t go back for a third time, but only because it had closed

(I did think I should have gone back to bed at that point)

I didn’t put up a fence (see above)

I did finish fixing the seams on the picnic blanket I made the other day. I even made a card and wrapped the whole thing in brown paper ready for the post office. I enjoyed that.

I didn’t quite make myself a new top

(but I almost did)

I didn’t answer the phone to any of my relatives who phoned


I did spend half an hour playing scales on my flute. Bizarrely, it helped.

I did make a new cushion cover

(I have no idea whether it looks better than the old one, but it felt good to finish something)

The day finished better than it started

Lessons learned today?

Never go to the DIY shop when you’re cross. It only makes you more cross.

Apparently ladies don’t wear running shorts in the autumn. Only men.

Some days you need to eat something other than toast, even if you don’t realise it.

Sewing is good. So is music. And tea.

Some days you just need to get through.


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2 Responses to some things i did and didn’t do today

  1. Mum says:

    Oh dear, I’d have gone back to bed if that had been my day.
    I don’t think I was one of the relatives that rang but can’t remember!!!
    Having read your next post it seems today was a better day 🙂

  2. Nope, wasn’t you! But yes, today was much better, thanks! I did try to start the day several times, but they all seemed to involve B&Q, it was like groundhog day…

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