unplugged sunday

This week has run away with me so much I entirely forgot to tell you about an exciting new adventure for me.

I am thrilled, utterly thrilled, to be joining the inspiring team of writers over at unplugged sunday. Pop over there now if you’ve got a minute, and have a read through some of the things folk have been doing with their days.

I’ll freely confess to having a fair bit of technology in my life, some bits more helpful than others. I spend my working week in front of a computer screen. I have a mobile phone (albeit a simple, well used, old one). I’m not averse to sitting in front of the tv of an evening.

(If I was in the mood to confess I’d also tell you of the hours and hours I spend listening to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter on my mp3 player)

But sometimes I just need to move away from it a little, especially the computer. I can spend ages getting lost in other people’s lives, dreaming over other people’s creative exploits, peeking at other people’s gardens. All very good, but sometimes I need to step back and focus on my own garden, my own creative endeavours, my own life. I need to do nothing once in a while.

And so, as part of this cheerful living adventure I’m having, I’m going to be making more of a conscious effort to ‘unplug’ regularly. We already have a regular night a week that we spend together (actually together rather than just in the same room doing different things) – sometimes technology is part of that, sometimes not. And we often potter off on a local adventure that doesn’t involve being plugged into anything. I’d like to do a little more.

I can’t promise it will always be on a Sunday. I can’t promise it will always be a whole day. I can’t even promise there will be no technology at all. But I will promise to tell you all about it.

How about you? Fancy unplugging once in a while? Have a read of this post to give you a few ideas.

There’ll be a post over at unplugged sunday from me on 16th January (next year!). I hope you can join us!


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1 Response to unplugged sunday

  1. Fay says:

    I’m so excited for you 🙂 great spot! Looking forward to it. X

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