down on the farm

I’ve just realised I’m busy thinking about this weekend (which is *so* close now!) and I’ve entirely forgotten to tell you about last weekend! I’m never going to catch up with myself at this rate!

Anyway, last weekend my mother came to visit, and we went on a little adventure to the city farm on the other side of town. I often think of ‘the other side of town’ as being practically ‘the other side of the world’, but in reality this farm is about 5 miles away, and I really don’t have any excuse not to pop over there more often. That’s what this cheerful living thing was meant to be about, after all…

So off we went to the farm, and started our visit in the cafe, of course. Not with that huge piece of cake, oh no. Baked potatoes first – we are civilised, after all (most of the time). Those huge pieces of cake came later, at the end of the day, worthy fare for two tired adventurers (Mine was plum and pine nut, in case you’re wondering. The one in the back is a brownie with fudge icing).

It being autumn, the farm was having an ‘apple and pear event’. This mostly seemed to involve young children working an apple press, churning out a seemingly endless supply of the world’s tastiest juice. The farm runs quite a lot of environmental courses, and I think these youngsters were part of the young rangers course.

Fortified and ready for some stomping around the farm, we headed off to the vegetable gardens. The farm runs horticulture courses, and a fine garden centre too.

There’s still plenty growing! I was amazed by the amount of flowers still blooming all over the place.

I was quite chuffed with our little local adventure, although I’m still rather puzzled as to how we managed to miss the pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, in fact, any animals at all other than chickens (of course) and cows – neither of which I have a decent picture of. In my defence, I can only say we were distracted by the cake. Which isn’t a good defence, I do realise that, but it’s the only one I have.

I suppose we’ll just have to go back again another day.

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1 Response to down on the farm

  1. Mum says:

    Rabbits and guinea pigs?! We really must go again, as long as we can visit the cafe again. I had a lovely day, thank you x

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