bunnies in disguise

Oooh, just look at those tasty carrots someone left carelessly lying around!

What’s this, sneaking out of the shadows, peskily eying up the veg?

Is it a rabbit?

Er, nobody’s quite sure. It’s kind of a bit like a rabbit. If you tilt your head to one side slightly.

Whoever he is, he’s mightily interested in those carrots.

Surely rabbits have bigger ears than that? And more pointy little faces?

Absolutely not. You’d be thinking of those ‘outside’ rabbits, the ones that live in burrows and munch on your vegetables.

This is a special type of rabbit, a Speckled PomPom Bunny. It is, in fact, extremely rare, and we’re very lucky to have caught a glimpse of it at all. There is only one bunny like this in the whole world. Fortunately it’s quite sociable and will make friends with any other creature, so it doesn’t mind that it won’t have another Speckled PomPom Bunny as a friend.

(on second thoughts, perhaps he *is* a real rabbit, and has disguised himself as a Speckled PomPom Bunny to fool us).

I reckon he looks pretty pleased with himself for finding those carrots, don’t you?

An aside… carrots are fun to make. They’re just a triangle of knitting, sewn together and boshed into a vaguely carroty shape, with a string of crochet sewn onto the top. 

Speckled PomPom Bunnies are a different matter entirely. Rather cute – the pattern is here. I love making pompoms, what fun watching all that wound wool spring out into a little fluffy ball! Sewing pompoms together though?? And trying to make the resulting mass of pompomy furriness resemble a rabbit? 

Best left to the experts I reckon. You’ll just have to use your imagination with this one. 

Anyway, you can tell it’s a rabbit by its proximity to the carrots…  



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2 Responses to bunnies in disguise

  1. Footpather says:

    Love em!

  2. Fay says:

    How cute!!!!! Xx

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