fancy an amble through my sunday?

Let’s start here by the window, because I do so love to sit here and drink my tea in the morning, especially so sunny a morning as this one.


I must confess to having woken up in rather a bad mood this morning. Not for any particular reason, just what felt like an unmaginably huge list of things to do, and no time to do them in.

Usually a sign that I need to stop everything immediately and sit down and do nothing for a while. So I did.


And really, how you can you be grumpy while looking at that sunshine?

Today had to be a garden buttling day. Our garden is small, and our windows are large, so I’m forever spotting weeds that need to come out, things that need doing, and little jobs that I haven’t done.

First on the list today was the fennel. I love fennel. This one’s an absolute monster. It hides in the corner of the garden, all green and furry, and then before you know it it’s taller than me and trying to escape onto the pavement.

It took longer than you’d think to cut all the seeds off. I’ve kept some of the stalks to use instead of bamboo canes. I think the garden centres are missing a trick there.

Incidentally, these snails were waving about in the fennel at my eye level. Quite impressive really.

I think we’re now entirely self sufficient in fennel tea for the whole of next year.

And that calls for a celebratory tea-and-cake stop, don’t you think?

Back outside again, and I’ve been intending to sort the front garden out for a while.

It’s the sunniest bit of the garden, but it’s also rather small, and at the minute, not very pretty! You can just see to the very left of the picture an acer, that is absolutely gorgeous and provides a bit of privacy against the living room window. On the left at the bottom there are chives and curly parsley, which I’m hoping will fill out nicely in the spring. Behind the spade is my enormous sage, which I’ve chopped another load off to dry.

The rest of the front is mostly filled with strawberry plants (and a couple of tomatoes, and the giant fennel of course, which is tucked away behind the acer). I can count on one hand the number of strawberries I’ve eaten from the garden, so I’ve decided (reluctantly) that they’re not earning their keep, and I’ve pulled them out. I don’t like doing that, but they don’t look particularly nice, and they’re certainly not fulfilling my strawberry addiction, so out they go.

I’m not much of a one for bare soil, so I’ve planted a load of field beans in here as a green manure (the main reason being that I *had* a load of field beans sitting around doing nothing… we’ll see if they grow, they’ve been there a while!).

Looks a little bit tidier, don’t you think?

That pile of stones in the background isn’t a permanent fixture, they’re just there while we finish off laying the patio, which is behind that willow screen. Yep, we finished putting the screen up today too, and fingers crossed it’ll actually stay up! See those rolls on the floor that we’ve trimmed off the top? We’ve started making those into a low fence along this wall at the right of the picture, which is right next to the pavement. It’s not much, but it does make the garden feel a tiny bit more finished somehow.

(I was getting tired, and the sun was going in, so no pictures of that today)

Want a mini glimpse inside the willow screen at the new terrace?

Ok, but only if you promise not to tell me it looks gloomy and bare – I know it does, but that’s only because of where the sun was, and where I had to sit to get a photo that you could actually see, and because at the minute there’s nothing growing in there (but there will be!)

Alright then, here you go…

Ta da!

As I said, not very exciting right now, but very exciting to sit in really! You can just about see through the screen on the left how close that car is, so I’m sure you can understand my enthusiasm for a little bit of private (ish) space.

Time for another bit of celebratory cake, don’t you think?

What have you been up to this weekend? I’d love to hear about it!


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5 Responses to fancy an amble through my sunday?

  1. Helena Romanowska says:

    An old tin tray nailed to the top of that tree trunk would make a perfect little table. I can just picture the two of you sitting there in Summer with lots of things growing around the edge of it and lots of pots of cheery plants (or cheery pots with plants in) and cake.

    Well done Jenny. Now’s the time to get it sorted and you then will have it for when you can really use it.

  2. That stump is indeed destined to be a table Helena, thank you! Just haven’t quite figured out how yet – I’ve got a few things that will do it… And we do indeed intend to spend lots of time out there in the summer with cake and cheery plants 🙂

  3. Ooh I know what to do with my wild overgrown flowery fennel now – thank you! x

  4. Mum says:

    Well done you, I can’t wait to sit out there with a cuppa x

  5. Fay says:

    Brilliant day, excellent garden buttling. I’m looking forward to a cuppa out there too! 🙂 one day I hope.

    Right call on the strawberries.

    X u deserved that cake!

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