starting to feel a bit festive

The festivities are starting a little late around here this year. Our tree isn’t even up yet, I just don’t know what I’ve been doing. Must sort that one out this week

I did toddle off to a local Christmas market last weekend though. Sadly, it was ever so cold and wet, but I was still impressed at the number of people there.

Look at all those apples! They were collected by the local abundance project, who collect unused fruit and hand it out to people in need, and preserve what’s left to sell. They were giving away the fruit to anyone walking past (at one point the cardboard boxes got just too soggy in all the rain and several boxes of apples cascaded all down the courtyard…)

These cheerfully decorated tables turned out to be just a little optimistic, as it didn’t stop raining all day. But the people in the cafe were doing a roaring trade in tea and hot mince pies (they made quite a bit out of me on my own…)

And who could resist these little biscuits, 20p each? Certainly not me.

What with that fair, and another one today (with a lot of the same producers), my Christmas shopping is pretty much done! I’ve gone from feeling Not At All Prepared to Nicely Ready in the space of about a week! Not too bad at all I reckon.

Just got to get the tree up now…

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1 Response to starting to feel a bit festive

  1. Jan says:

    Those stalls look lovely! I’m glad you’re mostly prepared now, always helps to feel that.

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