are you ready yet?

So, are you ready for Christmas yet?

I *finally* finished work at 3.30 this afternoon, and I must say I’m feeling Very Festive Indeed.

It’s felt like a bit of a rush, as usual, but actually this year I’ve been far more organised than usual. I saw my family last weekend, rather than in January like I normally would, so all their presents are bought, wrapped, and delivered. I’ve had a couple of festively sociable nights out in amongst all the work, and today has been a veritable mince-pie-athon.

I must confess I haven’t made any presents this year. I’ve just not been able to squeeze in the time, which is a shame. But I haven’t missed that feeling of leaving everything to the last minute and then rushing, not missed that at all. I think there’s a balance in there somewhere.

Last week a friend had a Christmas crafts night, and I was wondering what to make, as I hadn’t been planning to make anything at all. I took along some papery things, thinking maybe I’d make a couple of cards, but I couldn’t find my little Christmas tree cut out stamper thing (I’m sure it’s got a real name). And I actually forgot to take the card to stick things to.

Fortunately, I also took along the knitted toys book that the tiny little bees and ladybirds came out of, just because they were the last thing I made, and the book was still lying around. [Thanks soooo much to Cheri for sending me that book!] I’d picked up a few scraps of wool too. I considered another few bees, but then spotted this little robin.

Isn’t he adorable??

I’m utterly thrilled with him.

I only made one that evening – there was far too much soup, cake, chatting, and admiring of other people’s crafts to get much serious knitting done, especially when I didn’t have a deadline.

But the next day I couldn’t resist making another. And then I saw two friends on the same day, and the two little robins went off to have new adventures with new friends.

So I made another on the train to work, and he’s living in the office. (Incidentally, the train journey is 46 minutes long, and the only thing I didn’t manage to do in that time was stick the eyes on).

I tried making another on the way home, but ran out of brown wool, so this one’s going to be a back-to-front robin, red with a brown breast. He’s not quite finished yet.

Incidentally, do you like our tree?? It’s actually a couple of branches of the lilac outside the kitchen window, lopped off, stuffed in a basket, and sprinkled liberally with fairy lights and a few baubles. It’s all the Christmas decorating I’ve managed to do so far, and I’m rather pleased with it.

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned it here yet, but I’m off into hospital next week, just for a day or two, but I’ll have to have at least a couple of weeks off work afterwards. My limbs won’t be affected, so I’m hoping that plenty of knitting will get done. I’m planning on spending most of those two weeks curled up on the sofa, watching the fairy lights, and demanding treats.

[I’m also going to be having a good hard think about this blog and how I use it. After three years with blogger on my old blog, I’ve not quite got to grips with WordPress yet. I seem to have used over 10% of my storage space, and I’ve only been here a few months. And I can only upload one photo at a time, which means writing this post, with only 4 photos in, has taken nearly an hour. It’s putting me off blogging! I know there’s a gadget to let you upload lots of things at once, but I just can’t make it work. And I really, really miss that blogger sidebar thing that let you see short snippets of new posts that people wrote – I miss it so much that I go back to my old blog to see who’s posted what… I’m anticipating a bit of technological buttling on the sofa in the coming weeks…]

On a more cheery note, see you back in a day or two for some more festive ramblings, Merry Christmas!


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6 Responses to are you ready yet?

  1. cheri says:

    Oh they are so cute….. I am so pleased that the book is useful. It was gifted to me by a friend because I admired her toys that she made but I just couldnt get to grips with knitting. And to think that the little robins flew the nest so quickly.

    I have been having problems uploading photos on blogger lately. So much so that I have rather given up. I wondered if it is because I am using a Macbook and the new icloud thing is on the horizon.

  2. Thanks Cheri! More robins coming soon I suspect (although I’m out of brown wool so they might be rather multi coloured…)

    I’ve got Peter on the case trying to work out a couple of my problems, but we’ll see..

  3. Robyn says:

    Awwww….cute! Love those, seriously, almost enough to make me wish I could knit…..I might have to get Ben on the case!
    As for all things blog-like – I like Blogger, I must admit. I know it’s not a professional or smart as WordPress, but to me it just *works*.

  4. Helena Romanowska says:

    Those robins are absolutely gorgeous. Why not do them in blue and yellow and call them blue tits or something like that? (Blue tits around our house are now called ‘Alisons’ – long story but involves my sis in law who died in January). Make two black and white ones and they are two magpies (two for joy!).

    Please don’t give up blogging as it is so good to read about the things you’ve made and done. I know you don’t have as much time now that you work full-time but you always inspire new ideas.

    Your Christmas tree is beautiful and sooooo you.

    Hope all goes well with the op.

  5. Mum says:

    I really love the robins and will bring some brown wool when I see you next, just in case you might knit me one for my tree next year!
    Your ‘tree’ is very lovely and bright, maybe it’ll still be up when I visit after your op. 🙂

    xx big hug xx

  6. Don’t worry, I certainly won’t be giving up blogging! Just writing down my intention to set aside a little time to sort out a few niggly issues – won’t do it if I don’t write it down!

    Good idea to make the robins into all different birds! Excellent idea! Watch this space…

    And ooh! More brown wool! (I’ll give you the book mum and you can knit a few yourself – like the idea of a whole flock of them!)

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