welcome to 2012!

I’m home!

Thanks for all your lovely well-wishes, it really does make a difference to know there’s gorgeous folk out there thinking of you! I’m all stitched back together (they’ve even included a couple of beads in the scar, how fetching!), and, aside from looking like I’ve had my throat slit (which I have), I look remarkably normal.

I feel surprisingly normal too – although in reality I can only manage proper normal for long enough to make a cup of tea, then I have to sit down for an hour. I can manage a nice chat too, although my concentration wanes a little after an hour or two, and you might have to make up the conversation yourself.

Still, we managed a mini celebration at midnight last night (sparklers and pjs in the garden), and I’m starting the year as I mean to go on – lying on the sofa, feet up, tea in one hand, book in the other, people telling me stories and bringing me treats. Today it seemed about time for a little bit of a project, although given how long it’s taken me, I suspect I’m not *quite* ready to tackle anything more complicated just yet…

I’ve been having a bit of a play with mosaics this morning, inspired by Lucy’s beautiful creations at Attic 24. (In case you’re wondering, I just searched for instructions, and followed these – so straightforward even I could manage it in my anaesthetically-fuddled state!)

I started thinking I might do monthly mosaics, like Lucy, but quickly realised that I don’t have the patience for that many right now. Then I thought I might do categories, ‘tea and cake’, ‘home’, ‘in the garden’ and the like, but realised I hadn’t quite made enough things to make a ‘things I made’ one, and also realised it takes more thought than you realise to make the colours match, so mine have quickly descended into ‘some random pretty pictures from 2011 in a square’ categories. Hope you don’t mind too much.

So – a quick run down of 2011.

There’s been plenty of tea and cake, of course, and a few local adventures. We spent 2 weeks at Fay’s house in Orkney – four weeks in fact, if you count last Christmas – that’s a whole month (oops, sorry Fay, and thank you!).

The early part of the year was spent finishing (finally!) my silly old phd, and several months after that were spent recovering from the shock. I’ve worked full time in one job for the whole year – quite an unusual achievement for me. I’m more used to a patchwork life of phd, several part time or casual jobs, and a bit of voluntary work.

I’ve moved blog homes, and I’m still getting used to this little space, even though it was the right decision at the time to move out of the other one. I’ve had a new camera, after dropping my beloved old one in the sea, and I’m still getting used to that too.

I’ve made a few things, but not half as many as I made when I was phd-ing (hmm, think I could learn something from that, although it’s a bit late now!) I’ve tried a few new things too.

And 2012? Well, the first thing to do is to finish getting better, and I’ve got at least 2 weeks off work to concentrate on just that (I’m sure that will involve a little bit of knitting too).

I’d like more knitting, more making things, more local adventures, and maybe even one or two a bit further afield. More pottering in the garden, more wandering about the countryside, and more lazing around reading. More visiting friends, more drinking tea (did I mention that one already?)

Right now though, time for another nap I reckon. I could get used to this recouperating lark.

Happy new year!

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1 Response to welcome to 2012!

  1. Helena Romanowska says:

    Aww, glad you are up and about. Enjoy your recouperation. I love your mosaic pictures, they are so clever and so colourful.

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