This is where I’m spending most of my time at the minute, curled up in the corner of the sofa, surrounded by blankets and cushions. I’ve got books, the laptop and the tv buttons, the kettle’s not far away, and in the mornings, if I’m lucky, I’ve got the sunshine streaming in too.

As I said, I could get used to this recouperating malarkey.

Today we decided it was about time to get a bit of fresh air. Lounging is all very well and good, and really quite necessary at the minute, but fresh air is good too, and the weather today was just glorious (and anyway, if I don’t move around a bit, I might have to put those anti-embolism stockings back on, and that’s a good enough reason to get me up and about on its own).

Much as I would have loved a romp around the fields this afternoon, I’m not quite up to that yet, so a quiet, leisurely amble to the newsagents was in order instead.

Just look at that blue sky! I was quite giddy with excitement at being outside, it feels like it’s been weeks. (In truth, I did sneak out for 10 minutes yesterday evening, the sky was so clear, and the stars were so bright, but daylight is different, isn’t it?)

In case you’re fretting, the newsagents isn’t that far away. Ten minutes, tops, even at the slow amble we were managing this afternoon. But it was ever so lovely to be outside! There’s something about fresh air, and being able to see further away than the other side of the street, that lifts the spirits.

Although we live in a city, we do live near the edge of it, and right on the top of a hill, so you get a pretty decent view into the distance from most places round here. My favourite views are from the fields, which aren’t far at all, but were a little too far for today. Today I had to make do with a view over the city itself (and a not-particularly-pretty part of it too).

Still, I felt refreshed by all that sky and sunshine (even if I did have to have to be ordered off to bed for a nap when I got home). In fact, I’m quite excited about doing it again tomorrow. I wonder how many new exciting things I can find within ten minutes slow walk of my house??

For tonight though, I’m safely back on the sofa, nursing a cuppa (of course), and being very glad I’ve timed my recovery around Christmas, when I’ve got twinkly fairy lights and new presents to occupy me.

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2 Responses to outside!

  1. Auntie Lou says:

    So glad you are up and about and enjoying the sunshine! Wishing you and Peter a happy,healthy 2012 xx

  2. Thanks 🙂 Sunshine replaced by rain and wind and greyness now, sadly, but it’s still nice to be outside

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