for today…

A peak into my day… 

Outside my window… it’s dark and raining

I am thinking… about hot chocolate, and refilling my hot water bottle

I am thankful… that having my stitches taken out wasn’t at all painful

In the kitchen… Peter is making parsnip soup

I am wearing… lots of layers, and woolly socks, and a large patchwork blanket

I am creating… a mental list of things to do as I start to feel more active

I am going... nowhere at all tonight

I am wondering… about a nice leisurely bath later, and maybe painting my nails a rather dashing shade of teal

I am reading… old copies of Country living magazine, and a book by Isabella Bird, a nineteenth century explorer

I am hoping… tomorrow’s visitor brings cake

I am looking forward to… another quiet evening

I am learning… patience

Around the house… fairy lights, candles, quietness

I am pondering… a small knitting project for tomorrow

One of my favorite things... coming in from the cold to a nice hot cup of tea

A few plans for the rest of the week: A visitor from out of town tomorrow. Perhaps a short trip to the library (an adventure of epic proportions at the minute). Resting, and more resting.

From the simple woman’s daybook

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4 Responses to for today…

  1. Reecea says:

    What a lovely photo. The hot chocolate sounds good. Nice post.

  2. Donna says:

    Love your post, it has all of my favorite things; hot chocolate, hot tea and a picture of yummy candy.

  3. Sharon Smith says:

    Would you want some old (1985 – 1990) copies of Country Living? They are heading for the trash but just thought I’d Google to see if I could find someone who wants them.

    Sharon Smith

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