sitting still

An exciting day today – I walked all the way to the library, all by myself! I didn’t quite stretch to carrying the enormous pile of books you can see there all the way home again (thank goodness for buses), but I did feel rather pleased with myself nevertheless.

In fact, I got a bit overenthusiastic at the thought of so much activity, and started sweeping the floor, and washing the dishes, and then decided it was high time I Sat Down and Did Nothing, as I had a friend arriving in 45 minutes, and wanted to be fit to talk to him.

So I put a daft film on, and painted my nails a rather fetching shade of teal, which just matches my mug nicely. And, of course, sticky nails meant I couldn’t have done anything if I’d have wanted to.

Sometimes you just have to make yourself sit still.


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4 Responses to sitting still

  1. Maria says:

    Love the nail colour! and you are right, sometimes you just have to make yourself be still (even if, or sometimes especially if, it doesn’t come naturally!)

  2. Do indeed Maria! Especially when one is supposed to be recovering, rather than dashing about finding Things To Do. I can see myself painting my nails rather a lot in the coming days…

  3. Jan says:

    Hello! I didn’t realise you were blogging already … I love those mosaics a few posts back – your little robin is in there! Lovely.

    Hope you’re having a nice day today


  4. I am indeed Jan – in fact I’m blogging rather more than normal as there’s plenty of time to take pictures and ramble on!

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