beach huts for guinea pigs

Just because you’re a guinea pig, and you live miles and miles and miles from the sea, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own beach hut, right?

I was Most Jealous of these little beach huts, especially the stripey one. As you can see, they’re all attached together, so it’s very easy to just wander next door for a nibble and a catch up.

I’ve been feeling a little better this week – not quite up to full buttling pace, but certainly well enough to be driven around in the car for 10 minutes to have lunch somewhere other than my own sofa. We hopped over to Heeley City Farm, since they have a rather jolly cafe, and last time we went we managed to entirely miss the guinea pigs. Not this time though!

Mind you, an egg butty, a quick look at the guinea pigs, and a bit of admiring the chickens all perched in a line on a fence, were quite enough excitement for one day, and I spent the rest of the day lying down.

I’m hoping things are going to get a little more lively round here at some point!

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1 Response to beach huts for guinea pigs

  1. Maria says:

    I love the beach huts for guinea pigs!
    I sympathise with your impatience to be back to yourself, 100%. I am a rubbish (im)patient too. Don’t despair, I’m sure you will be back to normal life soon enough.

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