a peedie confession…

Ok, so I’ve got a peedie confession to make.

A Peedie confession, in fact.

You see, I met this lovely woman, Fay, over the internet, and we went to stay in her lovely house. And when we got there, we met her, and she was indeed lovely, and we met her dog, Peedie, who was also lovely.

We were rather taken with Peedie. We played with him while we were there, and when we went back to visit a few months later, we looked after him for the weekend.

We had lots of fun.

When we got home, we talked a lot about Peedie. We talked about his little snout, his little paws, his furriness. The way he buttled himself along importantly on a walk. The way he hopped up onto the bed and just plonked down straight away, without turning round in circles lots of times. The way he slept half the evening, then went outside for a late night bark to scare away Marauding Intruders.

The way he sometimes sneaked into the chickens’ pen and stole their breakfast.

We talked about how cheery it would be to have our own little dog, sniffing about the place. But, you see, we don’t have a garden, and we live in a city, and there would be no beach walks, and no running out late at night to bark. And we’d have to fit in walks every day, and it’s just not practical

And that’s kind of a roundabout way of saying that, on Christmas eve, I found myself making a replica of Peedie.

Allow me to introduce Peedie 2.

He’s sitting there on the back of the sofa so he can watch out of the window and see what’s going on. He’s a quiet dog, comes down for a bit of a play in the evening, but mostly content with watching the world go by, or snoozing. One day he might get a new name, but he’s been Peedie 2 for a couple of weeks now, so he’s probably stuck with it.

I hope Fay doesn’t think I’m too mad.

(I’ve made a dog before, rather more colourful – pattern and pictures are here if you’d like to see)

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6 Responses to a peedie confession…

  1. the best kind of doggie you have there Daffs, he won’t complain if you don’t have time/not well enough for walkies, and is probably not too fussy about his food/meal times either. My two may not be able to tell the time, but they are spot on when 5PM arrives and waste no time in reminding us that it’s TEATIME!

    Enjoy our Peedies 2

    I hope you are recovering well xx

  2. linniew says:

    Max the terrier sends you restorative hugs and wags and loves your Peedie2 person quite a lot. He says “heal” and he means it. xo L

  3. Thanks you two! 🙂 He is indeed the best kind of dog – doesn’t mind being cuddled for hours (or even used as a pillow 🙂 ) and not at all fussy about mealtimes (LOVE yours being able to tell the time!)

    Thanks for Max’s instructions to ‘heal’ Linniew – took me a minute to get that one! 🙂

  4. Fay says:

    Aw Cheery – how lovely and only mad people truly understand each other so we’re in good company! Peedie is very grateful to have a lovely Peedie2 to come meet sometime! How exciting – and what a clever peedie2 looking out the window and watching the world go by just like this one here! How utterly brilliant! He’s wondering does your’s like chicken food too? And, of course we lob you a few ‘virtual bonios’ for your new pup – enjoy!

  5. Helen says:

    Thats a good sort of doggie to have, some (my husband included!) would say the best. One that doesn’t get dirty, roll in unmentionables, bark at the neighbours, chase bikes and runners, refuse doggie dinners and hold out for something better, etc. etc. But maybe one day you will be able to have your very own Peedie, and enjoy a faithful, devoted, funny companion.

  6. Robyn says:

    LOVE him – what a cutie! xx

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