for today

Outside my window… the field beans I planted as green manure are starting to peek through the soil

I am thinking… about how much I’ve loved not being at work, and what that means for the future

I am thankful… for the daylight staying slightly longer today, and for my mum ringing, all excited, to tell me it was still light as she left work

In the kitchen… the new breadmaker is earning its keep, and cinnamon and orange chocolates are not lasting as long as they might in a more reasonable household

I am wearing… a flowery skirt I reclaimed from the charity shop bag. I know, I know

I am creating… a plan for a year in the garden. I’ve never properly managed this before, and also never managed to grow much before. I think there’s a link.

I am going… back to work tomorrow, after almost four weeks off. I’m a little apprehensive.

I am wondering… about building voluntary work back into my life again

I am reading… Isabella Bird, still. She’s growing on me.

I am hoping… I can keep up with my new tai-chi-in-the-morning routine once I’m back at work

I am looking forward to… a countryside amble at the weekend

I am learning… to do one thing at a time. Slowly.

Around the house… I can see my desk in the attic again

A few plans for the rest of the week: back to work, slowly. A trip to the peak district. Some time in the garden.

Join in at the simple women’s daybook

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1 Response to for today

  1. Fay says:

    Lovely post, slowly catching up 🙂 x

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