for today

Outside my window… everything’s quiet 

I am thinking… about a long day, that probably involved rather too much cake than was good for me (although it was very nice, and much needed)

I am thankful… for half an hour of quiet time together in a cafe

In the kitchen… lunch is ready for tomorrow, and a candle burns in the windowsill

I am wearing… my nightie – not at all normal for me at 8.30pm, but it’s been a long day, and tomorrow is going to be even longer

I am creating… a pair of socks, very slowly, and with rather more holes than the pattern suggests. The wool creates its own stripes – I love that

I am going… to the office tomorrow. It’s a long way. I’ve got my knitting ready for the journey

I am wondering… not much, actually. I’m remarkably un-curious today. Just doing the essential things has been enough

I am reading… Simple Abundance. I’m a practical girl at heart, so I’m pretty sure I’ll tut and think ‘what nonsense!’ on more than one occasion, but sometimes I need to ignore that side of myself a little

I am hoping… for a quiet meeting tomorrow afternoon (but not too quiet)

I am looking forward to… a day on the farm on Saturday – an exciting new adventure!

I am learning… to keep my mouth shut. Occasionally

I am pondering… about taking this course – can I justify it? Can I spare the head space right now? But I got so much from the last one…

One of my favorite things… victoria sponge cake. Advocaat. Peedie 2 (oops, that’s three favourite things)

A few plans for the rest of the week: more phased returning to work. A trip to the farm. A fair bit of resting. Maybe a little run on Sunday. Some time in the garden.

Join in at the simple women’s daybook

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