a moment of calm in the morning

Have you ever made your own face scrub? It’s very easy, smells gorgeous, and is simple to use (even for someone like me, whose normal ‘beauty regime’, if you could call it that, involves a quick rub with a hot flannel).

I’ve not made this for a while, as I acquired a shop bought one a few months back, but that ran out a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been back on the flannel-and-hot-water routine since then. Last night I finally got round to making some more of this, and having used it this morning, I have no idea what took me so long.

It’s vaguely based on a couple of different recipes from The Fragrant Pharmacy, minus ingredients that I either didn’t have (like basil oil), or didn’t want to put in (like cider vinegar – I remember trying that specific recipe at university, making loads of it for economy purposes, and then having to put the whole lot in the bin because I couldn’t stand the smell). I take the same attitude towards this kind of stuff as I do towards cooking, and gardening, and sewing – use what you have, no special trips for fancy ingredients, and if it’s going to cost you an absolute fortune, make it with something else instead.

So here I’ve mixed some ground almonds with a bit of oatmeal, added some sweet almond oil til it all kind of stuck together but wasn’t too sloppy, then put in a couple of drops of lavender essential oil, a drop of tea tree, and a drop of geranium. Oh, and then I remembered that my sister sent me some dried lavender flowers, so I threw a few of those in too.

That little pot, which once held some kind of foundation cream stuff, will probably last about a month, if not longer.

I was trying to work out what it cost to make this, and I’m struggling. The bag of ground almonds originally cost around £1 I think (years ago!), as did the oatmeal. The sweet almond oil was reduced to £2 (although it usually costs about £6 I think). The lavender flowers were free, but I wouldn’t have bought them specially – I’ve made this without before. The essential oils are about £4-6 a bottle each.

So not cheap if you buy everything from scratch – although if you did buy everything from scratch you’d have enough to make enough face scrub to last you, and your entire family, probably about 5 years, so it’s all relative. As it happens, I’ve had those bags of almonds and oatmeal for years, so it’s about time they got used up. Sweet almond oil I generally tend to have around the place, not sure why. I use it neat as a facial moisturiser these days, just a tiny bit on my fingers and rubbed into my face. Lavender oil is handy for everything from smelling nicely relaxing to putting on a burned finger. Tea tree is meant to be good at fighting infections – I sometimes mix it with white vinegar when I’m cleaning. Geranium oil smells good.

If I didn’t already have those ingredients, I would have used something else. Ordinary olive oil instead of the sweet almond oil, perhaps, or even left the oil out altogether and just mixed it with water as I was using it. I suppose you actually don’t need any essential oils at all if all you want is a scrub, although they are lovely to use. And there’s plenty of other things that could make a scrub – the book recommends dried peas… (I had to read that page a few times until I realised it was telling me to grind them…)

I very much like the idea of making cheery toiletries myself from things that are hanging around the house. I’ve made soap before, successfully, and I will do again, but this is an awful lot more simple. I’d like to try shampoo one day, and I’ve heard yogurt is good for your hair too…

Have you ever made your own toiletries? How did it work out?

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11 Responses to a moment of calm in the morning

  1. I have a few friends that are getting into making their own cleaning and laundry products. One does make her own body soaps and bath oils too. I am excited to see this also. I think it is nice to spend the time making something yourself and knowing what is in it. If it does the job well it is well worth it. Great post!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I was forgetting about cleaning and laundry, might do a post about that soon too. Bath oils sound *lovely*. It is indeed lovely to spend a little time making something luxurious!

  3. Lorraine says:

    That looks lovely, I’m glad the dried lavender was useful! Unfortunately my ‘beauty product’ these days is a massive pot of something boring from the doctors for my useless skin (poured into lovely empty bottles and tubs from expensive luxury products to make me feel better!).
    I have an exciting-looking recipe somewhere for homemade bath bombs, so you may get some experimental ones for your birthday if you’re lucky.

  4. Oh no, you poor thing! Grand idea to pour it all into lovely containers though 🙂 Yay for experimental bath bombs, I’m intrigued, can’t wait!

  5. Mum says:

    Face scrub looks great. Can I please put my name down for your next batch of soap, I missed out on the last lot 🙂
    It’s 1.35 pm in my house but seems to be much later in yours! Let me know what I had for dinner and I’ll go and make it. x

  6. Oh dear, have I messed up the time zones when I had a bit of a redecoration in here?? Sorry! I’ve still got plenty of the last batch of soap, I’ll make sure you get some! Planning some more soap experimentation again soon…

  7. Your facial scrub sounds awesome, and far posher than mine, which consists of olive oil and sugar and a little honey! I am supposed to add essential oil but I don’t have any that are the right smell for facial scrub so I just leave it out.

  8. Jan says:

    I *really* like the sound of this, oh cheerful one! I’ve been having a blitz in the house, and very soon I’ll actually have the space to do something like this!

  9. Fay says:

    Oh dear lady this is ace. I do know that I’ve made soap under supervision (by you) and it was ace. What a brilliant post, I love the look at what you’ve got, adapt and make what you can attitude, it’s so cool, and right. Xx

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