bottoms up!

… even if it has been stuck up in the air for the last 2 days while I perform magical trickery to use this lovely pile of willow…

… to magically transform the edge of my rather sorry looking garden, from this…

… to something like this…

I’m getting there… (with plenty of tea breaks, of course!)


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5 Responses to bottoms up!

  1. helen lee says:

    Oooo a ‘fedge’. Do you mind my asking…did you get your willows from West Wales Willows? Are they Golden Willow and/or Flanders Red? or something else entirely!!

    I used to work with willows,so always get a thrill when I see them being used. I have just been pruning the little arbour in a corner of our garden that I built eight years ago.

    Your fedge will look good this year, great next year and amazing from then on!! :~)))

  2. Mum says:

    It looks fab, well done you. Has it got roots on so it will grow into a little hedge?

  3. Thanks!

    Yes mum, it will indeed grow into a hedge (or ‘fedge’ -cross between fence and hedge – as Helen says, although I confess I don’t like the word fedge, so mine will definitely be a hedge!) It’ll be about that height round most of the garden, and then much taller round the terrace/seating area bit.

    Thanks Helen, it came from Yorkshire Willow (more local to me than Wales!). And, er, I must confess, I can’t remember exactly what variety it is – the most common one, certainly not either of the two you mentioned!

    Just come in for a tea break, my little fingers are getting cold out there…

  4. Robyn says:

    It’s looking REALLY good, well done you!

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