february in the garden

Is it really the last weekend in February already? Gosh! Must be time for an end of the month garden update then.

That hanging-out-of-the-bedroom-window picture at the top looks pretty similar to the one I took for January, although the sun’s shining this time at least!

If you look closely, you can just about see what’s been occupying me for the last four days (and occupying my mind for most of February) – a cheery willow hedge running right round the whole garden.

I’ve been trying Very Hard to stop myself thinking about all the other things that need doing in the garden while I’ve been putting in this hedge. One Thing At A Time, I’ve been saying, over and over again, and an entire hedge is definitely an all consuming One Thing.

I must say I’m utterly thrilled with the way the light shines through the screen onto my little terrace. Utterly thrilled.

I filled my first container for the terrace today too (there’s a couple of big pots on there already, but they’ve just got old compost stored in them, no plants). These are just a few mini daffs that were in the way of the new hedge, and so have been rehomed here. I don’t think they minded.

Let’s pop round for an ariel view of the other end of the garden. More membrane round the edge there, waiting for the hedge to be pushed through.

You can just see that the lid’s off the compost bin (that square thing in the left of the picture). Peter built it nearly 3 years ago – I’ve moved it since then, and now it’s looking a little worse for wear, the covering is starting to fall off the front, and the lid doesn’t fit properly any more. And, to be quite honest, I’ve not being paying enough attention to what I’ve been putting in there, and, well, it had got rather slimey and horrid.

Slimey and horrid is NOT good, especially when your compost bin is right next to the pavement…

Last weekend I took it all out (not a nice job!), and put it back in layers, with plenty of cardboard and twiggy sticks and things. This weekend I decided that it might be nice to put some compost under the willow hedge, and started digging around in the bin again (wishing I’d thought about this last week before I started filling it with sticks and things…) Still, things are looking much better in there now.

The windowsill is filling up nicely too.

I’ve got mustard and cress on the go (part of my ongoing sprouting experiment – more to come soon about that!). There’s also peppers and tomatoes, and forget-me-not, black eyed susan, and several varieties of sweet peas (I WILL learn how to grow these!). All the seeds are in their own little mini greenhouses – planted in a brown mushroom tray, with a clear mushroom tray plonked over the top. Fingers crossed it works.

Once the willow is sorted, I’ve got another project to get started on.

Turning this lovely pile of ramshackle old windows into a cold frame… Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

What’s been going on in your garden this month?


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4 Responses to february in the garden

  1. Heather says:

    I wonder what your neighbours think about you hanging out of your window with a camera…. 🙂

  2. Robyn says:

    A willow hedge…isn’t that called a “Fedge”?! *runs away*

    Sorry! Couldn’t resist! All looking very good indeed though – you’re ahead of us on the seeds!

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