for today…

Outside my window… the stars are bright, and it’s cold and quiet

I am thinking… about March and what it will bring, about my willow hedge and the snipping it still needs

I am thankful… for a sunny day, and for finally being able to walk to the train station and still do a full day’s work – I’m almost feeling normal!

In the kitchen… a pile of washing up, tomorrow’s lunch, soaking beans, the ingredients for liquid soap, and cabbage – lots of cabbage

I am wearing… purple stripey socks, and a shawl crocheted by my sister, and plenty of warm layers

I am creating… small cheerful doodles, that are pleasing me immensely. And the last little bit of my second sock!

I am going… on a train tomorrow. Again. Good job I like trains

I am wondering… whether I’ll make it into that bath I promised myself tonight, or whether I won’t get further than the sofa

I am reading… this – there’s always an Orkney book on the go somewhere in this house

I am hoping… my hedge grows

I am looking forward to… meeting a friend on Saturday

I am learning… about myself, and about how what I eat affects how I feel

Around the house… we’re getting ready for a weekend of spring cleaning. Yes, really

I am pondering… the future. My job lasts until the end of the year – what’s next?

One of my favorite things… a nice cup of tea. A soak in a hot bath (maybe I will make the effort after all)

A few plans for the rest of the week: parkrun, a couple of hours at the community garden, meeting a friend for lunch, and another friend for tea, yet more friends performing (in two separate places at once – how to choose??) at a musical festival in town

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One Response to for today…

  1. Robyn says:

    Lovely! These are nice aren’t they….really nice, and nice is good, right?

    R xx

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