sunday buttling

Mmmm – tea and scones on a Sunday morning, how very civilised!

I’ve had such a fun weekend. An early Saturday morning run round the park in the drizzle. An art gallery, and meeting an artist friend for lunch. An afternoon of songs from around the world. A trip to the market. An hour in the garden. Bubble and squeak.

And then today – catching up with things-I’ve-been-putting-off (always plenty of those!). Cooking beans. A soggy walk in my wellies. A lovely, lovely meeting with a friend I’ve not seen for ages (who so very much needs to share her words with the world). Tea and scones (of course). Bottling my liquid soap (more about this later this week).

And finally finishing knitting my second sock! What fun!

It’s been a bit of a soggy start to March round here, but spring is definitely in the air, and I can just feel exciting times and adventures swarming around. We’ve got an adventure planned soon in fact – a most exciting one for me, because it’s a surprise! We take turns arranging surprise ‘no quibble’ weekends – one person makes all the decisions and arrangements, the other goes along with a smile on their face. Such fun!

What did your weekend bring?

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1 Response to sunday buttling

  1. Robyn says:

    I love your no quibble weekends thing – such a great idea!

    Hmmm…our weekend, wet inside yesterday (pub!) and wet outside today (Conservation stuff again!) both good!

    R xx

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