spring in the air

We’ve had some glorious days round this way this week (in between bouts of showery downpours, of course). It’s been hard to concentrate on working in my little attic when I know there’s a view like this just out of the window.

In spite of all the sunshine, it’s not yet been warm enough to sit outside to work.

Although I must say my little terrace is getting jollier by the minute, with that pot of daffs, and a couple of sneaky rogue garlic plants popping up inside the fence!

Did I tell you we’ve been growing pea shoots?

It’s a salady experiment – I never have much luck with lettuce, and I grew lots of rocket last year, which was great,  but we’re not quite there yet with the weather, so pea shoots it is. They’re £1 a bag at the minute in the shops, so I reckon I’ve got at least £6 worth there on my windowsill, and all from a third of a box of dried peas (which was 69p, so that’s a pretty good return!). Very tasty they are too – the second lot is busy growing too – I can see I’m going to have to keep this going all summer…

The sweet peas are buttling themselves along nicely too. I do so love sweet peas, and I’ve never managed to grow them properly. This year I will though, I’m determined, and they’re looking mighty fine already! There’s a couple of highly scented varieties, and a bushy one for in containers. Can’t wait!

You can see my little makeshift indoor greenhouse there on the left of that picture – it’s an upturned mushroom container from the supermarket, plonked on top of another mushroom container that has little tiny peppers growing in it. They’re working well, my little greenhouses!

I don’t know what’s happened to all our sunshine – it’s a gloomy one today, weather-wise. Cheery in other ways though! We’ve got a seed workshop at the community garden, and then an afternoon of tidying in my own garden, maybe even a trip to the tip with those green bags the council has decided never to collect, and a general spruce-up so it’s all nice and lovely for when I sit outside to eat my breakfast.

What have you got planned for this fine spring(ish) Saturday?

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1 Response to spring in the air

  1. Robyn says:

    I’ve done some wandering…..some sitting…..some reading……some thinking….some charity shopping…….and some experimental cake-making!

    It was spring-ish here too – so lovely to get doors and windows open!

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