for today…

Outside my window… the mist has lifted and I can see the stars

I am thinking… about how to turn an old door into a compost bin.  You’d think it’d be easy…

I am thankful… for a week of good fun, productive work, and sunny days

In the kitchen… peas are soaking ready for planting, and the washing up is going to have to wait until tomorrow

I am wearing… running kit, but I really need to be wearing my party frock

I am creating… another pair of woolly socks! Sheep-coloured this time, and on two needles. What fun! I’m a little worried there won’t be enough wool (of course I didn’t check before I started), so I may have to send off to Orkney for some more…

I am going… to a friend’s birthday party, in about 19 minutes. Need to get changed, urgently!

I am reading… the local Wildlife Trust magazine, and remembering my promise to visit all our local nature reserves this year (one down, eleven to go!)

I am hoping… the sunshine carries through the weekend. I do so want to have breakfast out in the garden!

I am looking forward to… a day of pottering at home, after a week of galivanting and train journeys

I am wondering… what to do with the beach treasures that came back from my holidays last week

I am learning… to graft fruit trees on Sunday. So exciting!

Around the house… small, but unmistakable, signs of spring cleaning

A few plans for the rest of the week: a library visit, a grafting workshop, a birthday party, and some exciting times at work

A slightly shortened version today as I really must leave the house *very* soon! If you’d like to join in, head on over to the simple woman’s daybook, tis fun!

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1 Response to for today…

  1. Robyn says:

    Hurrah! Happy partying! xx

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