sunshine and grey skies

What a gloriously sunshiney week it’s been here! I’d almost forgotten it was ever not sunny – which meant this morning’s grey skies came as rather a surprise.

Still, it’s the weekend, and that means two whole days of idle ambling and nothing-in-particular. I’ve already been impressively productive today – a load of washing done, and two lots of soaked beans cooked and in the freezer – and all before 10am!

I’m thinking maybe a little women’s institute and charity shop trip this morning, then maybe cycling to the city farm this afternoon to see the chickens, and rather a lot of pottering in my own garden too. There’s seeds to plant, watering to be done, and I’ve been building a little cold frame that needs a bit of work too.

I might also spend the weekend trying to avoid the new cafe I discovered yesterday too.

Apparently I’m the last person out of all of my friends to know about this place – even Peter’s been, without me! Quite scandalous, I tell you.

This place is just down the road from our other 2 favourite cafes – either convenient or not, depending how much cake you think you can eat in any one trip. At any rate, I’m pretty glad I don’t live over that side of town, or I’d spend half of my life, and all of my wages, on tea and chocolate hazlenut cake.


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