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conscious living in april

First of all, a huge welcome to any of you popping over from Rhonda’s Down to Earth blog. I’m utterly thrilled to have a mention over there, I really am! It was Rhonda who inspired me to start blogging in … Continue reading

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pigs and fairy cakes

We got our first veg box delivery this week. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and after writing a bit about food in my conscious living in February post, we decided to try it for a while. … Continue reading

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return of the useless gardener

It’s been pretty soggy round these parts of late. I put my pots of seedlings outside for a bit of sunshine a few days ago, and now they’re swimming, or entirely drowned. Oh dear. There goes what little gardening reputation … Continue reading

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palace week

I’ve been off work this week, busy turning the house into a palace. Well, that was the idea anyway, but as I’ve been looking through my photos, I see there’s been rather a lot of, well, other things going on … Continue reading

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making carrier bags

I’ve been making carrier bags this week. I’ve made quite a lot of bags in my time – have a quick nosey here and here if you like. They’re usually presents, or inspired by some bit of fabric I’ve acquired. I’ll often carry … Continue reading


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cutting and sticking

Happy Easter! I made my own easter eggs – can you tell? Ever such fun. A little plastic mould from the hardware shop, melted chocolate of whatever kind you fancy, and anything you like to hide in the middle. Mine … Continue reading

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beans galore

There’s a lot of beany goodness going on round here at the minute, partly because I’m in the middle of this whole foods course, which involves a fair bit of bean enthusiasm, and partly because, well, beans are just great, … Continue reading

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march in the garden

We’ve just gone whizzing past the end of March, so it must be time for a garden update! Pop over to the Patient Gardener‘s blog and join in yourself! That first picture up there doesn’t look that much different to … Continue reading

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more walking, please

I’ve been trying to walk a little more lately, rather than hopping in the car all the time. Before I learned to drive 6 years ago, I walked everywhere, or cycled, or caught the bus. I was a lot fitter … Continue reading

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