more walking, please

I’ve been trying to walk a little more lately, rather than hopping in the car all the time. Before I learned to drive 6 years ago, I walked everywhere, or cycled, or caught the bus. I was a lot fitter back then. Whenever I moved house, I’d choose somewhere near a bus route, with shops close by. I allowed time to get to places slowly.

Inevitably, when I learned to drive, things changed a little. It’s ever so easy to pop somewhere in the car, whether you need to or not. My concept of ‘need’ changed – I was too tired to walk, I had too many things to do to walk, I’d left it too late to walk.

Now, in the spirit of my conscious living explorations, I’m making a declaration.

More walking, please (and some cycling too).

I like walking. I like cycling. I like travelling to places under my own steam, getting a bit of fresh air and exercise into the bargain, walking through the streets noseying into people’s gardens (not to mention not having to worry about buying diesel).

It’s not like I never walk anywhere any more – the local shops are 15 minutes away, and I walk there most days. I often walk to the train station when I travel to work – that’s 2.5 miles, and another 2.5 miles at the other end. But I don’t walk as often as I used to, and I want to do it more.

Which is all a very long-winded way of saying that we went for a walk today. A nice big long walk. A getting-somewhere walk, not just an amble round the block. It’s satisfying to walk *to* places I think, and especially satisfying when there’s tasty grub at the end of your walk.

Of course, there’s still the small matter of walking back up the hill to home again, but even that wasn’t so bad with a little detour through the botanical gardens to search for squirrels.

My bike chain is oiled, and my walking shoes are waiting by the door. I’m not saying I’ll never drive anywhere again, but from now on, I need a good reason to take the car, rather than a reason not to.

We walked 6.5 miles today. I confess it felt much further than that! I’m sitting outside now with my feet up and a well-earned cup of tea, contemplating a bit of digging, and watching the blue tits flying in and out of the nest box. The weather’s been glorious here lately (apart from yesterday, which was overcast and cold), and as I’ve been spending more time outside, I’ve felt more calm. Do you find that? Is it the sunshine, or the fresh air, or the open space do you think?

Whatever it is, I’m told the weather’s about to turn cold again tomorrow. A nice excuse for a bit of knitting I’d say. I’ve very nearly got another pair of socks to show you, and I’ve been doing a little sewing too. All good.

What’s your Sunday been like?

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1 Response to more walking, please

  1. Mum says:

    Sounds very lovely down with you. I’m full of cold so my Sunday wasn’t as productive as it could have been given that the weather has been glorious. However I did manage lunch on the terrace (that’s dinner at anuntie lou’s while feeding the hamster!). Then later a bit of sitting in my own wilderness wondering where to start. 🙂

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