cutting and sticking

Happy Easter!

I made my own easter eggs – can you tell? Ever such fun. A little plastic mould from the hardware shop, melted chocolate of whatever kind you fancy, and anything you like to hide in the middle. Mine were pretty basic this year, just chocolate and bought mini eggs (and just look at those polka dot eggs!) but next year I can see all sorts of fancy additions and things stuck to the outside.

I might even get some different sized moulds and make a kind of Russian doll style nest of eggs – what fun!

Aside from eating chocolate, I spent much of yesterday cutting and sticking.

I enjoy reading the local paper, especially if it’s local to somewhere else. There’s a faint air of cheerful ludicrousness, I find, especially if you read it in detail, rather than just skimming the headlines. Specialist magazines are really good for this kind of thing too.

For instance, in this particular issue of the Whitby Gazette, there on page 5 was Brian, who had lost his library book (possibly in the Co-op), and was appealing for its safe return before he was issued with a library fine (the library were being ‘very understanding, for now’…). And the ‘down your way’ section contained so many notices about dominoes drives that I’d be prepared to bet North Yorkshire is the Dominoes Capital of the World.

It’s not that I find dominoes, or Brian, in themselves ludicrous. Quite on the contrary – I love it that the local village hall offers ‘tea and a friendly chat’ on a Thursday morning, or that the pub has raised £163.24 for a well in a Malawian village. And I do sincerely hope that Brian found his library book in time. I think it’s an absolute delight that these things fill the pages of local newspapers, sandwiched in amongst articles about car thefts and increased parking charges. This is the stuff communities are made of.

I’ve got a friend who shares my enthusiasm for such things, and since I had nothing at all planned yesterday, I spent 2 hours writing to him, and cutting bits out of the Whitby Gazette, and my own local paper (incidentally, no dominoes at all round here in South Yorkshire – we’re overrun with knit and natter groups, Tango classes, and ‘fun for over-50s’ meetings, it seems). I hope he enjoys receiving it as much as I enjoyed sticking it all together.

I’ve been cutting and sticking for myself too – a giant pile of old Country Living and gardening magazines, mainly ancient copies from charity shops, and from a subscription I had last year as a present. It’s a bit of a guilty secret of mine, this is – I love idling through these magazines with a cuppa, but in the back of my mind there’s always a little voice that says ‘it’s just full of adverts! It’s just encouraging you to buy things you don’t need!’

I quiet that voice by not buying new magazines, and telling myself there’s no way I’d ever spend £35 on a teapot anyway, no matter how many polka dots it had on it.

Anyway, yesterday it was raining, and a good day for getting all cosy in the attic with the radio and having a bit of a clear out.

Three hours later, I have one scrapbook full of cheery pictures and ideas for things to make, a box of magazines for the charity shop, a giant pile of recycling, and a nice empty shelf.

I’m off work this week, with a sole mission: to turn the house into a palace. Which pretty much means DIY and spring cleaning, but sounds more fun. I must dig out my tiara.

What’s next I wonder?

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5 Responses to cutting and sticking

  1. kim says:

    I do this too! I have ridiculous scrapbooks everywhere. But its way more fun than pinterest

  2. Glad to hear it Kim! I must confess I’ve not been near pinterest – I spend far too much time on the computer as it is… but yes, scrapbooks are definitely the way to go!

  3. Glynn says:

    Hello, I’ve come to call from Rhonda’s blog. I love your blog and I’ve bookmarked it. Please write a post about your scrapbooks, with photos, of course. I’d like to see what you’ve done with your collection of “favorites.” Thanks!

  4. Hi Glynn! I will indeed do a post about my scrapbooks since you ask so nicely – but don’t expect anything fancy, it’s probably not ‘scrapbooking’ as you know it – just pictures all plonked in all higgledy piggledy!

  5. Lon says:

    Just curious if you ever wrote a post about your collection of favorites, or scrapbooks. Would love to read it. I really enjoy your writing.

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