making carrier bags

I’ve been making carrier bags this week.

I’ve made quite a lot of bags in my time – have a quick nosey here and here if you like. They’re usually presents, or inspired by some bit of fabric I’ve acquired. I’ll often carry them round proudly for a few months, by which time they’ll be so tatty and over-used and covered in ink stains and grubbiness that they get dismantled and the fabric used for new things.

These, though, are more mundane, functional bags. Nothing fancy, just throw-in-the-handbag bags, bags for when you pop to the shops without meaning to on the way home from the station.

They were pretty easy to make. I opened out a carrier bag, drew round it, and cut it out, and then sewed it together by hand (you don’t have to, obviously, but my hand sewing is appallingly wonky, and I figured it won’t get better unless I do more of it).

Did you spot the not-so-deliberate mistake?

Not much use as a carrier bag if you can’t pick it up. Must learn to think first before sewing.

Hmm, clearly didn’t learn that lesson quickly enough – I’ve sewed the tucks at the bottom the wrong way round.

Got there eventually (although by this point I’d given up on hand sewing and resorted to the machine).

I’m hoping these will do something to tackle the enormous pile of plastic carrier bags that seems to accumulate under our sink, and spills out all over the floor every time I venture under there.

Because really, anything that means less plastic carrier bags in the world has got to be good, I reckon. Especially if it involves sewing, and old bed sheets.

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4 Responses to making carrier bags

  1. lovely pretty bags. I make using duvet covers/sheets bought for around £2 from a charity shop. I can get around 8 from one cover and use them in place of wrapping paper for presents. They are very very strong – and will survive many washes. I do use a machine though. I like your idea, quick AND functional! xx

  2. Thanks Sue! I’ve got another friend who makes morsbags too 🙂 Excellent idea to use them for wrapping paper – how brilliant, like a present wrapping a present! Do you make them with other people and hand them out? Must try that!

    I wanted something that wasn’t flat this time, more for carrying home fruit etc. I’ve got a jute bag, but it’s really bulky to fold up and carry with you, so this was the answer. Definitely going to make some more though.

  3. Sue says:

    Sorry I had to laugh because I’m forever doing tricks like that…in fact my stitch unpicker gets as much use as my sewing machine!
    Have you made any more recently?
    Love from coffeee Sue @DTE Forums

  4. Hi Sue, thanks for popping by! No, I haven’t made more yet actually, although I’ve meant to. I think I’ll put aside a couple of hours this weekend and make a stash of them… 🙂 x

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