palace week

I’ve been off work this week, busy turning the house into a palace.

Well, that was the idea anyway, but as I’ve been looking through my photos, I see there’s been rather a lot of, well, other things going on instead.

It seems I spent a fair bit of the earlier part of the week following the sunshine around the living room, and reading about beans for my whole food nutrition course.

There was an entire morning spent reading in our favourite cafe.

And a night at a friend’s caravan out in the peak district.

(don’t worry, that wasn’t their caravan)

It rained most of the time we were there, but we did sneak in a little walk up the hill in the sunshine, and I got to indulge my enthusiasm for lichen.

And then the hail stones started again, and we went back for a nice cup of tea.

When we got to Thursday, I finally managed to get on with some palace-related activities.

Oh dear. Oh dear.

I’m afraid this is our mattress. It took rather a battering a few years back when, er, somebodywho-shall-remain-nameless (ok, it was me) left the skylight open in a downpour, and we went upstairs to find water streaming through the mattress and the ceiling.

The mattress (and the ceiling) eventually dried out while we spent a month sleeping in the attic. But the mattress covering was never the same, and after I’d put my foot through it once, it just kept getting worse.

Finally I got round to sewing patches over the torn bits. I can’t say I enjoyed lying face down sewing tiny little stitches for hours and hours and hours, but it had its moments, with the radio on and the rain drumming on the skylight (closed this time).

It’s pretty satisfying to fix something yourself rather than replacing it, although I confess I’m not in a hurry to do this particular job again…

It’s not all been fixing this week. There’s also been a fair bit of clearing, and sorting, and reorganising, and a tiny bit of making too.

We rescued this pile of carpet samples as they were being thrown into a skip outside the local carpet shop. I’d only just bought some (for 10p each) to carpet the attic stairs, and we had no particular plans for this lot.

Needless to say, they’ve sat in a pile for over a year now, and I’m fed up of looking at them. I’m not quite sure where they’re going yet, but they’re not staying here.

I did find a use for a few of them though – sewn together to make a rug for by the back door.

Rather fetching, don’t you think? I’ve made another one in four shades of red for by the front door.

Turns out I did get a few things done after all…

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4 Responses to palace week

  1. I LOVE your rug! It sounded fab when you said you’d done it….and it looks even MORE fab in real life! wonderful stuff! xx

  2. Thanks robyn! It’s got a giant muddy footprint in the middle of it now sadly – although I suppose that’s exactly what it was intended for!

  3. Lula says:

    Love the bags & rugs !

    As to your earlier post about finding interesting articles in local papers … for years now I’ve been reading the Tristan Times. this is the ‘national’ newspaper for Tristan da Cunha ( the most remote island on Earth). I’m fascinated by their way of life – try it 😀

  4. Ooh, Lula, that sounds fascinating! I must go and find it immediately.

    In fact, I’ll find it after I’ve consulted my ‘Atlas of Remote Islands’ that I got for Christmas – so happy to have a legitimate reason to flick through the pages! It tells me 264 people live there, and the whole island was evacuated from 1961 to 1963 because of a volcanic eruption. And apparently grapes never grow there.

    Off to find the newspaper…

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