return of the useless gardener

It’s been pretty soggy round these parts of late. I put my pots of seedlings outside for a bit of sunshine a few days ago, and now they’re swimming, or entirely drowned. Oh dear. There goes what little gardening reputation I had. Still, let’s hope the rain continues for a little longer given that a fair bit of the country, including our own county, is in drought.

I’ve not been out in the garden much this week. I spent several hours on Sunday trying to build a compost bin, which still isn’t finished, and I’ve been working since then, and out every evening (every evening! Goodness me). Tonight, though, I was here, and the rain stopped for long enough for a little pottering.

I’ve rescued a couple of trays, and they’re now inside drying out. And I’ve planted a new tray of pea shoots – the old ones had grown a second time, but were looking tired and not very enthusiastic, so I’d put them outside in the fresh air. Hmm – it seems tubs with no drainage are fine indoors when you rarely remember to water them, but not fine outside in several days of rain…

I also remembered to take a picture of one of the new mats I made – this is the one by the front door, and is all red, since the entire room is red. As usual, I didn’t bother measuring before I made it, and four carpet samples is a little too wide to push up against the door step.

Hmm, not entirely sure what I’m going to do about that – quite possibly get so used to it that I can’t imagine it being any different, and then forget about it altogether.

Being slovenly has its advantages…

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4 Responses to return of the useless gardener

  1. Mum says:

    Shame about the drowned seed trays. As for your door mat that’s too wide, simply unpick one of the sections and have 3 instead of 4. x

  2. Kris says:

    If you have another reddish mat, cut it in half, then sew the short ends together and push THAT against the doorjamb, then push your 4-piece mat snug against the long one.

  3. xo.sorcha.ox says:

    It’s good to see that it is raining somewhere at least, even if it was a bit too much of a good thing. 😉

    -> here via Down to Earth.

  4. Good suggestions about the mats, all of you! Will have a ponder 🙂

    Tis indeed raining here Sorcha, still. We do need it (although it’s my birthday today so maybe it could stop for an hour or two?)

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