pigs and fairy cakes

We got our first veg box delivery this week. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and after writing a bit about food in my conscious living in February post, we decided to try it for a while.

We get it from a local wholefood co-operative, so the produce comes from all over the place, rather than all from one farm. I’ve gone for the UK only box. I’m quite looking forward to what eating seasonally feels like.

Right now it looks like onions, potatoes, courgette, green beans, mushrooms, carrots and spring greens (although I suspect my request for the UK only box has gone a little awry – a leaflet said the carrots are from spain, and I’m pretty sure there’s no courgettes and green beans round here right now – we’ll fix that next week).

Today’s been a bit of a funny, something-and-nothing pottering day, like all good Sunday’s should be. A 6 mile run this morning (can you believe it? I’m not sure I can!), followed by a long lazy lunch.

A trip to a plant sale at the community farm, where I got to meet the pigs for the first time.

Aren’t they adorable? They all came trotting over as I approached the fence, snuffling and squelching in the mud. I think they’re all the same age, but there’s quite a range of sizes.

This is one step along a path that may see a return to meat eating for me… maybe… Strange it should start with a fondness for chickens (chickenS, note, not chicken…) and an enthusiasm for baby pigs. Hmm. That’s a long way off.

I did pick up some eggs though, fresh from the nest box, and some raspberry, tomato, chilli and pepper plants.

I’d geared myself up for an hour of reading in a cafe that overlooks a little river. It’s a cheery little place, with big mugs of tea, and home made cakes. I don’t go there very often, since it’s not on the way to anywhere, and it’s not that close, but it felt right to do a little detour today.

It was closed! Pah.

Nothing for it but to come home and make fairy cakes myself.

Peter helped with the toppings. He always was an enthusiastic decorator…

What’s your Sunday been like?

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