a photographic conspiracy

Well, wow. I must say it’s been utterly marvellous to have so many people popping in to say hi, and I can only apologise for having not been here all week to hand out tea and biscuits. It’s felt quite overwhelming to have more than 2000 visitors in my cheery little space here, I must say! I do hope some of you stay. I’ll be slowly working my way through peeking over the fence into your spaces to say hi too.

I’ve not had much to say for myself this week. It’s gloomy and grey and rainy round here, which doesn’t inspire me to take photographs. I’ve been hard at work, and busy every evening, which doesn’t leave time for doing things to take photographs of. And my work involves spending all day in front of a computer, so I like to look in the opposite direction when I can.

But I didn’t pop in here to moan, oh no! I popped in to say hello, and to share some photos from my lovely birthday last week.

The computer, however, has other ideas… The photographs are there, but apparently I can’t put them on here. How very tedious. I have very little patience with technological dramas. What with that and the gloomy weather, it’s almost like someone doesn’t want my pictures out there this week.

Still. A lovely friend will be here in half an hour for an evening of tea and knitting, and I must wash the tea dishes first. I do so love an evening of tea and knitting.

I’ll be back soon (fingers crossed!) with birthday photos and cheeriness. In the meantime, you have a lovely weekend!

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3 Responses to a photographic conspiracy

  1. Technology, don’t you just love it when it works. Other times we could throw the offending article out of the window.
    Hope you enjoyed a lovely evening of tea and knitting with your friend. When my boys were small I knitted all their jumpers and enjoyed it. I recently found a really good knitting shop just a couple of blocks away and I’m taking myself around there to buy some of their wonderful wool. Time to get those needles clicking again – you have inspired me. Jean, Brisbane.

  2. Mum says:

    I hope you enjoyed your evening of tea and knitting. I’m going to be doing the same tonight 🙂

  3. I did indeed enjoy my evening of knitting, and I’m glad you’re both going to be doing the same too!

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