a peek into my day

I’m pleased to report I’ve sorted out yesterday’s technical palaver, but in the process lost the photographs from my birthday. Never mind – they were mostly pictures of tea and cake and cafes anyway, and there’ll be plenty more of all those things!

I’ve been reading through the comments on Rhonda’s post about what people do during the day. Such a variety of lives and experiences! It’s fascinating to read about what people get up to – that’s one of the reasons I love peeking at other people’s blogs so much (maybe I’m just nosey).

Since I’ve got my camera, I thought I’d give you a small sneaky peek into my day. I’m working at home, so I’ve spent much of the day sitting at my desk up in the attic. It’s cosy up here, and there’s plenty of distractions. There’s all the ordinary work-type things (laptop, printer, paper), some homely comforts (radio, lamp, ancient electric heater, tea cups), and plenty of cheery things on the wall, including some pictures I painted as a small child.

I was up early this morning. I’m off on an adventure straight after work tonight, and there’s things to do! I washed up and made a carrot, celeriac and sesame seed salad before breakfast, then sat by the kitchen window watching the birds while I drank my tea.

I started work at 8am, knowing I’d have various non-work bits to do during the day. I’m writing a journal article at the minute, so much work time is taken up with that. I don’t find it very easy, so there’s plenty of pacing around the room, emails to colleagues, and head scratching.

At 10am I popped to the shops, which are very close. I posted a parcel to my mum, and bought flour, fruit and treats for my little adventure. Then it was back up into the attic for some more writing (with a cup of tea of course)

At 12.30 I stopped for lunch. I had some of the salad I’d made earlier with some noodles, and a bit of apple and elderflower yogurt I’d bought reduced from the shops (it tasted rather perfumed). Peter and a friend were doing musical things in the kitchen, so I came back to the attic with my lunch, and ambled around the internet a little. Then I remembered I needed to make more bread, so I put a loaf in the bread machine, which is hiding in the bedroom (apparently this particular branch of music doesn’t include bread machine mixing sounds…).

Back up into the attic for a bit more work, and I’d started to get tired and lacking in concentration. I switched from writing to another necessary but more straightforward task.

I idly pondered all the other things there are to do that I haven’t got round to yet – emailing a friend, setting up a meeting, ringing the electricity company, finding directions for my mini adventure, figuring out what I’m meant to do with the blog award I won (Cheri gave me an award! How very fabulous of her! I’m ever so grateful and as soon as I get chance to investigate I’ll tell you all about it)

And now it’s time for another break, and I thought I’d share a couple of photos and a bit about my day. I left my knitting downstairs and don’t want to disturb the kitchen musicians again, but I did finish sewing up my sock last night. I was ever so pleased with myself, although it will need unpicking and doing again as I’ve done it slightly too tight.

Since I’m up in the attic taking pictures, I thought I’d share this one too.

I love this picture so very much. I have no idea how old I was when I drew it – maybe 6 or 7? Can you tell what it is? I’d like to think I was drawing the place I’d like to live, but in reality I can’t remember, and it may have just been any old farmyard. There’s the farmhouse, you see, with the red roof. And a nice blue barn, with a donkey (maybe!) in it. I think there’s a cat next to the house. Are they cows in the pen outside the house? Or are the cows in the yellow barn? Or are they pigs? Or moomins? That’s definitely three orange chickens parading across the bottom of the picture, no doubt about it.

It cheers me up every time I look at it, that picture. I often dream of living in that farmhouse.

The rest of today will be similar to what’s gone before. I’ll step away from the internet and back to writing shortly, and that’s what I’ll do until about 5pm. At some point I’ll pop down to check on the progress of the bread, which sometimes needs a helping hand. I’ll check the weather for hte weekend (although I can’t imagine it’ll do anything other than rain). I’ll throw my wellies and hot water bottle and book into a bag, and pack bread, scones, chilli, ¬†marmalade and fruit and a flask of tea into a picnic basket, and then head north.

See you on the other side of the weekend!

I’d love it if you’d tell me what you’ve been up to today…

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5 Responses to a peek into my day

  1. Helena Romanowska says:

    Oh I love the sound of a bedroom smelling of fresh bread. Mmmmmmmm! Have a lovely adventure and a good weekend.

  2. Today has been quite a mixture of things. Fridays are my day off, so there was no work. There was however a trip to the shops, some website tinkering, soup and bread for lunch, some sorting out of photos for my Frugal Friday blog post, and a visit to see my 83 year old Great Aunt, which included a visit to my much loved and missed Great Uncle’s grave, and some ginger cake….this evening there will be tapas, beer, and maybe a film…..! Have a wonderful weekend! xx

  3. Friday was an unusually lazy day, but I have had such a busy few weeks with many demands on my time that my lazy Friday was to re-charge my batteries.
    My Friday morning started about 5:30am while it was still dark in Brisbane but I am an early to bed early to rise person. Put the kettle on and checked my favourite blogs while drinking my first cup of tea of the day. Breakfast was a thick slice of my home-made wholemeal bread, spread generously with a layer of apple and strawberry jam from my preserve cupboard.
    It was a lovely day, about 25c degrees, sun was shining as I set out for a 10:00am meeting of the book club at my local New Farm Library. The discussion was on Judy Nunn’s book “Maralinga” and a lively discussion took place, nobody wanted to leave, but we made our way next door into the library to pick up our new library books and order the future books on our discussion list from the librarian.
    Went to my favourite coffee shop just down the road. Home for lunch – a bacon and salad sandwich made with my own bread and tomato and lettuce from my allotment. Phoned friends and family, read my emails. Filled up the car with petrol as I’m driving my son to the airport in the morning, won’t have time to do it then. Dinner was veggie curry (using my home-grown beans).
    I spoiled myself, feel much more relaxed, and it was a happy day.

  4. elizatheroamer says:

    I am evious of you being able to work from home. I would love to do that, and in fact am studying so I can (hopefully) in the future.

    Friday I was up early feeding my son, then my daughter woke too so I took them downstairs for breakfast. My son then went back to sleep and I got my daugther ready for school. My husband came down and took her to school on his way to work. I then made laundry liquid and did some washing. I made some cookies in the afternoon as my in laws were coming to town for the weekend and I wanted to make some morning tea for them to have at our place and their hotel (they insist on staying in a hotel, I am not a mean daughter in law I promise!). Then I picked up my daughter from school and took her to the doctor as she’d been complaining of an ear ache. We got home, had soup and bread for dinner and I put my son to bed. Then my husband came home in time for a story with my daughter. When she’d gone down, my husband and I had a wine and watched West Wing and caught up on the week. (My husband works long hours so I don’t get to see him much during the week as I’m currently going to bed at 8.30 as my son (one month old) wakes a lot at night). Then I went to bed while my husband watched the football (AFL, we live in Australia).

    Hope you had a great weekend away! I miss going on weekends away. When I lived in the UK we used to do it heaps. It’s so expensive here. We once went away for three nights to have a mini holiday, but it cost us $1000. We could have had a bigger holiday for not much more. Oh well.

  5. Thank you so much, I do love reading about what other people are doing! I will be back for a proper chat soon xxx

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