camping with style

Would you like to see where I went on my little adventure?

La Rosa – campsite extraordinaire. What fun!

That was our caravan for the weekend, and there were 5 in the field, all painted the same, with a little umbrella with a fringe of tinkly bells. The caravans all had different themes – ours was Spanish-ish, all flamenco dancing dolls, bull fighters, and plastic oranges and lemons (fortunately someone had already taken the bright pink Barbara Cartland themed one before we arrived…).

Our party had taken over the whole campsite – not difficult, as there’s only 9 caravans in all. A little cluster of four sits in the bottom field, closer to the car park and toilet, with a bit more room for children to stay too.

Up in the top field with our caravan was the Big Top, a sumptuously decorated round tent, with gas fires, sofas, carpets, and an entire dressing up rail.

And a perfectly serviceable kitchen, of course (with yet more plastic fruit, and plenty of bunting).

It was rather cold and rainy on Saturday, so we spent many happy hours lounging around in the Big Top, making tea and being cosy. On Saturday night we moved up to the tipi, which has a fire pit in the middle.

Given the lack of running water and electricity, the whole thing felt rather luxurious!

We were all rather taken with the compost toilet in an old wooden shepherd’s hut.

I could have spent the whole weekend in there – with red rag rugs on the floor, and sheet music on the walls, and a pile of books, it was quite well equipped!

Sadly it was rather too cold to make use of the outdoor bath.

A shame really, as I suspect we would have spent all weekend in this little cheery garden otherwise. We had to make do with the shower – housed in its own barn, complete with dressing table, easy chairs, a selection of polka dot bikinis, and a chandelier.

It was quite fun, curled up in bed, with the sunlight streaming through the window, watching my breath streaming out like a dragon.

(I probably could have done with more than two hot water bottles though, especially on the second night, when I was on my own in the caravan. Brrrrr.)

We managed to squeeze in a trip to the seaside on the way home.

Those pictures make it look deceptively warm – it wasn’t. I was wrapped up in several layers and an emergency waterproof, and had to keep jumping into souvenir shops and cafes, just to keep warm (that’s what I told everyone, anyway).

I still managed an ice cream though.

I’m rather excited to be off on another adventure tomorrow! This one will be a whole different set of people, and there’ll be slightly less bunting, no model bullfights (hopefully), and rather more work.

I’m hoping there’ll still be a little bit of seaside though, and maybe an ice cream or two…

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4 Responses to camping with style

  1. Helena Romanowska says:

    That is such a Daffy campsite! I am surprised you don’t actually own it yourself. Hope your next afventure is as good.

  2. What a lovely adventure! I wish we could camp like that, but instead hubby insists we do rugged camping.

  3. Heather B says:

    Wow its very much like Teds caravan!!

  4. Helena, I too am surprised I don’t own it, and, in fact, have been hatching a plot to do just that! How fabulous would that be? Heather, it is indeed like Ted’s caravan, although with rather less noise!

    And catastrophicfindings (what an excellent name!) I’d be sneaking off on my own for a little weekend if I were you…. 🙂

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