another trip to the seaside

I’ve been off adventurising again, in Brighton this time, a long way from me, and the first time I’ve ever been, and as a special treat the sun came out.

We weren’t as brave as the swimmers, but there was a bit of paddling (of course). I did find myself wishing for a pair of those jelly shoes I hated so much as a child.

I went with a group of gorgeous women I met on the internet – not that unusual these days, although I’m sometimes still a bit sheepish about telling people in real life. One I’d met before, the others I hadn’t, but we were in that strangely modern situation of knowing lots of very personal details about people before you meet them face to face so of course it wasn’t like meeting for the first time at all.

Even writing that sounds odd – we’re always warned not to put personal details out there on the internet, and as a general rule, I don’t tend to. But it’s actually pretty liberating to be very open about your thoughts, hopes and dreams when hiding under an invisibility cloak. The normal ‘getting to know people’ rules get turned upside down a little, and you find yourself knowing all kinds of things about how people feel about their work, what their plans for the future are, even before you know their surname or whether they’re married or not.

So odd, yes, but I’m going to give up fretting about it too much. I’ve met some lovely people through the internet in various ways, and many of them I’ve now met in person, and have stayed good friends with. And it’s always fun to finally put faces to names.

We had a lovely weekend, pottering about at the seaside, eating ice cream, drinking champagne… My journey home took me via London and Edinburgh, and somewhere along the way I picked up a rotten cold. (I also stayed in an extremely posh hotel, with the biggest and most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in). I’ve coughed and sneezed and sniffled my way through the rest of the week at work, and I confess I am not feeling too happy at the thought of a hen weekend tomorrow.

Fortunately it’s not too far from home, so I might just pop over for a few hours and then spend the rest of the weekend in bed.

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1 Response to another trip to the seaside

  1. Jan says:

    How very lovely, oh cheery one! Especially liking the ice cream and the deep dark nail varnish on the toes 🙂

    *So* sad that you picked up such a horrible lurgy – pampering in a big bed, however nice, thats so far from home isn’t quite the same thing. But anyway, here’s to fun at a hen party *and* your own bed this weekend.

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