no place like home

This is where I’ve spent most of the last few days, tucked away on my little cosy corner terrace, working away on the laptop, and listening to the baby birds in the nest box. I must say I’m thrilled with how this little space in the garden has turned out, I love, love, love having somewhere to cheery to sit outside. I’ll do a post of before and after pictures soon.

I’m very much enjoying being at home this week, after the adventures of the past few weeks. First of all there was the gypsy caravan weekend, then a trip to the seaside, plus work-related trips to London, Newcastle, London (again), and Edinburgh – I was beginning to forget where I lived.

This past weekend was a little closer to home – a nicely sedate hen weekend in a cottage in the Peak District, only about 20 miles from home.

The brooding weather was just right for a murder mystery (it wasn’t me, I promise!), and we rounded off the weekend with a trip to Cauldwell’s Mill (or, more specifically, the tea shop), and a drive through the Chatsworth estate.

It was a lovely weekend, but I confess I’m rather glad to be back at home now, with no more adventures planned for several weeks.

My bones and my soul have been very much appreciating the sunshine we’ve had this week. I was starting to feel all wrinkled up, like I’d been in the bath for too long, but after a couple of days in the garden I’ve dried out and perked up a little. Amazing what a little warmth can do.

The garden’s busy coming to life too. There’s salad sprouting in the tubs on the terrace, and this may be the year that I actually manage to grow sweet peas.

There’s plenty of pea shoots on the go too.

My time in the garden has been divided between working (of course, can’t go skiving even if the sun’s shining) and watching two rather frazzled blue tit parents hop in and out of the nest box above the front door, where they appear to have hatched a noisy brood of chicks. I can’t tell you how cheery it is to watch them flying in and out (every couple of minutes!) and hear the chicks cheeping inside the box.

I did take the afternoon off work on Monday and spent it pottering about in the garden – see if you can spot what I made…

Yep, behind the spade there, just under the window, is a cold frame! A rather shabby one, yes, and definitely not a dry stone wall based one, but it works for now. I’ll introduce it properly in a day or two…

(I’m also reminded by that last link that I didn’t do a garden update for April! A weekend of garden photos beckons I think…)

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2 Responses to no place like home

  1. I love the photographs of your trip, and your special relaxing corner of the garden. It looks like a sun trap. My family in the UK also told me that you have had some lovely sunny days in the last week. Best wishes from Brisbane, Australia

  2. Thanks Jean! We have indeed had some lovely sunshine here, and it’s meant to continue for another few days yet, hooray!

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