was it really this sunny?

I’m curled up under a blanket, central heating on, wind and rain howling outside, and wondering whether these photographs really are from last weekend…

They are indeed, although it seems pretty hard to believe right now! We spent the afternoon in a friend’s garden, eating and nattering and drinking tea and watching the frogs in the pond.

Just look at that glorious blue tree!

It does something to the spirit, sunshine does. I felt refreshed, renewed somehow. I’m pretty sure it slows down your heart beat.

There was even a little bit of bunting made too (not by me this time).

Now though, we’re all wrapped up warm, snuggled inside with our tea and knitting and slippers on.

I’m feeling quite smug, as I spent two hours running in the rain this morning, and came back so wet I felt like I’d sat in a (very cold) bath with all my clothes on. Goodness me, but I do enjoy running in the rain, I really do. I feel more alive, more adventurous. No photos this time – I did have my camera, and there was some quite spectacular scenery, but sadly it was mostly shrouded in mist. I’ll have to do the same route again in the sunshine one day.

For the rest of today though, I’m thinking another cup of tea, cooking some dried beans, making some bread, and perhaps finding that pair of socks I only finished one of… Good early summer, wintery weather activities.

What are you up to this weekend?

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6 Responses to was it really this sunny?

  1. We have had a very wet weekend here in Brisbane, Australia, great for the allotment, my veggies love it.
    But the highlight of the weekend for me is following the Diamond Jubilee celebrations going on in Britain. Looks like you have had driving rain too. But the flotilla looked wonderful, the Queen looks so well. I will be glued to the screen over the next couple of days as we receive good Jubilee celebrations on the tele’.

  2. Maria says:

    The lovely blue tree I’d Ceanothus, and one of my favourite plants at the moment. We have one acting as a very unruly hedge in our front garden – it smells gorgeous.
    You can feel very smug after running in the rain I reckon!

  3. Lynn says:

    Here in Wyoming, we are melting! The temps are very high for June. It’s like August hot. Don’t get me wrong- I love warm weather, but today was stifling and still. If it rained right now, I’d perhaps run in it, like you! Instead, I think a cup of (iced) tea sounds nice. OH, my mum would be appalled- she’s a Liverpudlian. She’d only have a proper cuppa. That’s what I think anyway! PS: i’m enjoying your blog

  4. Thanks all!

    Lynn, my mum would be appalled at iced tea too I’m sure (although she’ll probably pop in and prove me wrong soon!) I grew up only a few miles away from Liverpool, and my mum still lives over that way. I remember her insisting when I was a youngster that ‘hot tea cools you down’ – I’m not sure I entirely believed it! Hope you’ve got a bit of rain now.

    Glad you enjoyed the celebrations Jean! I confess I didn’t watch the tv at all, but we did have a little mini street party, and it was lovely to get to know our neighbours a little better. We did indeed have plenty of driving rain though!

    Maria, I must confess to feeling a little smug… those blue trees are indeed gorgeous!

  5. Mum says:

    I’m not going to prove you wrong at all, I can’t imagine iced tea tasting nice. A proper cuppa is what you need, although now I’m of a certain age, I don’t think even I believe the ‘hot tea cools you down’ tale!!

  6. Jan says:

    I’m so late to this, but I had to comment – hot tea must cool you down in the same way that people in India and Sri Lanka eat curry – starts you sweating, and then you can keep it up.

    I never quite understood with that story why the *heat* wouldn’t start you sweating, but you can’t have everything!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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