for today…

Outside my window… it’s nearly dark. There’s a bit of rain, a bit of wind, but otherwise it’s quiet. Finally.

I am thinking… about marathon training, aching legs, how much chocolate I’ve eaten today, and how much crawling into bed right now seems very appealing

I am thankful… for the opportunity to practice patience and tolerance today, even if I wasn’t very thankful at the time

In the kitchen… I can hear the central heating boiler, which is ludicrous in June! I’m afraid I’ve not cooked – today has been a day of junk not-quite-food. Tomorrow will be back on track

I am wearing… fish net tights. There had to be some frivolous detail to make work more light hearted today.

I am creating… not very much right now. I’ve not created much for a while. The garden is growing, seemingly of its own accord. I’ve done no sewing, knitting, drawing, or anything else, and not much baking either. I did make rhubarb jam on Tuesday though, so let’s count that.

I am going… in the bath. Very soon. With a nice book and the promise of snuggling under a blanket when I get out.

I am wondering… what happened to the blue tits in our nest box. We saw the parents every five minutes for a few weeks, and now nothing. They must have fledged when we weren’t looking. I’m sad (although not surprised) we missed it. Hope they’re doing alright.

I am reading… a biography of Rachel Carson, which my auntie bought me years ago, and which I return to often, although she may not realise it. It always gives me pause for thought, and makes me want to be far more fastidious and hardworking than I actually am.

I am hoping… that I made the right decision today. I’m still not entirely sure.

I am looking forward to… spending more time under the blue tree on Sunday

Around the house… dust, piles of things-that-should-be-elsewhere, shoes, guitars, dishes waiting to be washed… One day I might give in and hire a cleaner. Or not.

I am pondering… how lovely it is to get to know your neighbours. Ours had a street party on Tuesday, and I arrived realising that I recognised plenty of people, but didn’t know any names! I do now, and the world feels that much better for it.

One of my favorite things… a nice long soak in a hot bath with a good book

A few plans for the rest of the week: a day of working at home writing, another long run, a birthday party, an afternoon working on a community project, meeting about a potential new and exciting voluntary project, scattering a friend’s beloved dog’s ashes at the local nature reserve

A peek into my day… 

(actually, that was Tuesday – our tiny street rather impressively managed to accidentally hold two rival street parties. The more, the merrier I say!)

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1 Response to for today…

  1. Maria says:

    getting to know your neighbours sounds great! I rather unpatriotically took advantage of the double bank holiday to take a full week off and jump across the channel on an exploring type adventure…
    I hope you made the right decision – I struggle with decision making, but sometimes remind myself of what my grandpa used to say ‘ any decision is better than no decision’. It helps me when I’m being particularly indecisive!

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