typing and nonsense

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10 Responses to typing and nonsense

  1. What a lovely thing to get in the post! I quote miss my old typewriter, now I’ve thought about it…

  2. Heather B says:

    I bet that was exciting opening that present!! I do love old typewriters!! Just be careful not to strain your wrists – we’re all wimps nowadays with these new fangled computer keyboards that its easy to pull a muscle typing a letter the old fashioned way!!!

  3. Our church secretary types everything on a typewriter. He has been offered so many computers and laptops but he refuses them all saying he prefers typewriters 🙂

  4. fannyadams (MSE) says:

    Hi Cheery
    perhaps a lower case l with a full stop under it by going up a half line – can you tell I had a typewriter link yours but mine was blue.
    I think my mum has it in her loft – you have prompted me to ask her if she still has it.
    I remember that I wrote my first CV on mine (OMG I’ve realised that’s nearly 30 years ago).

  5. Love it! (immediately texts mum to find out if my old typewriter is still in her house….)

  6. It had a lovely tour around Orkney for months in the car – I’m so slack at posting stuff! Glad you’re enjoying it – the post office lady thought it was very strange to post a typewritter – surely stranger to post a letter these days?

    Glad you’re enjoying it!

    Oh dear an exclaimation mark………….Think you’ve got good advice up there or an upside down i would do it! (Dunno how you’d achieve that though………!)

  7. Gill says:

    Gosh that takes me back years!

  8. Way back when, if a typewriter didn’t have a ! mark, we were told to type a period (.), backspace, and type a lower case l (or was it the #1? No, must’ve been an l). See if that works for you.

  9. Deb says:

    That get the vote for the most original way that I have seen to present a blogpost. Great!

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