buttling ourselves a little adventure

A couple of weekends ago we buttled ourselves and our foldy bikes off on a little adventure to the seaside.

We weren’t there long, and we actually didn’t get as far as the sea (it was a long way away).


However, we did see some rather ancient boats, which were incredibly beautiful in their decay (although I won’t be sailing in one any time soon).

And we did manage a little cycle down the canal.

Back home now, and I’m indulging my small obsession with the sweet peas growing on our little terrace. I’m told that the more you pick them, the more the flower, so I’m trying to bring some inside as often as possible. I noticed today there’s a small greenfly infestation on some of them – pah! Soapy water treatment for you, Mr Greenfly!

I’ve taken the day off work today, and I must say it was a marvellous idea. The sun is shining, and it’s only half past ten and already I can feel it’s going to be a great day.

I’ve got plenty of adventures planned. I had a nice lie in, and read in bed, which is one of my favourite things to do (I confess, I often make myself late for the train doing this…). I’ve been sitting out in the garden, and doing a spot of seaside-in-the-city recreation (photos to follow). In a minute I’m off out for a run (in this heat!).

This afternoon gets even more exciting – I’m off to play my shiny new flute with a friend, then picking up another friend to go to an outdoor swimming pool (and what a glorious day for it!), and then to another friend’s house for tea.

I do hope you’re not stuck in a sweltering office today, and if you are, that you have something nice planned for the weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of my adventures today…

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