friday potterings

Yesterday was gorgeously sunny. I was startled out of bed by a friend ringing the doorbell – I had actually invited her, and then entirely forgotten she was coming (I invited her last week too, and she forgot then, so we’re even now).

We sat out in the garden in the sunshine for a while.

I’d taken yesterday off work, and we pottered off to the city farm for lunch and a look at the animals. I was rather taken with this bench planter thing they had. Wonder if I could recreate it in the garden?? The young goats were quite gorgeous too – I did consider bringing one home…

I know I said the other day I wasn’t doing anything crafty at the minute, but after I wrote that, I found this picture of a tortoise that I’d cut out of a 1970s craft magazine ages ago. Isn’t he ace? Such fabulous 70s colours, and such a cheery face!

I’m making one for my friend’s son, who was one last week (so it’s late, of course – oops). My version is called Olympic Tortoise, having mostly been crocheted in front of the olympics. At the minute he’s a collection of bits, with no cheery patterned shell, so I’m going to have to get a move on if I want to finish before the olympics does…

The sun’s gone in today, which I’m quite glad about. I’ve got lots to do before Peter’s birthday tomorrow, and if it was sunny, I think I’d be inclined to hang around warming myself rather than getting on with it…

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  1. craftybutterflyblue says:

    I love the tortoise if I send you p&p can you send me a copy. Pretty please.

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