So much for my post-a-day week off plans! I do apologise, things went slightly awry.

Still, I can show you these pictures from our cheerful weekend away at a little festival last weekend. Most importantly, of course, was the tea tent.


Marvellous indeed, with plenty of cakes, tea in china cups, huge teapots, polka dot table cloths, an Oxfam clothes stall, and a sewing area where you could customise your own outfits. I spent a lot of time in that tea tent. 


The weather wasn’t too bad on the whole, and there were some glorious skies.

Plenty of little crafty things too. 


I did manage to spend about half an hour sitting on the grass with my wellies off on the day we left.


Much of the time, however, was spent wallowing through this…… which was a good excuse to use my most fabulous wellies, but meant we couldn’t sit on the floor and laze about much like I prefer to do at festivals, and so we came home a little early.

I have been up to some crafty stuff this week, as well as plenty of cake eating and another 13 mile run (which was meant to be 17 miles but a cake shop got in the way). Photos soon, I promise…



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1 Response to festivaling

  1. Robyn says:

    I still love the idea of the cake shop just *happening* to get in the way….!

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