a tale of four plants

Ages and ages and ages ago, I bought four lovely little piggy-back plants from Fay. They came whizzing through the post, all wrapped up in their little protective toilet roll tubes, having had a grand old adventurous trip all the way from Orkney.

I planted them all into new pots straight away, and they all (surprisingly, for me) did pretty well.

A few months ago, I acquired a couple of bigger pots, and decided to treat two of them to some more leg room. I knew they’d grow bigger, but I was quite surprised at the difference a new pot made.

These are the two that stayed in their first pots. The one on the left has been living on the bathroom windowsill; the one on the right in the living room. The first one with a new pot, I put by the front door. What little light it does get all comes from one side.

The second lucky one I left on the living room windowsill, and it seems to have been very happy.

I’m now feeling quite sorry for the two that didn’t get a bigger pot. Fay informs me that they’ll be quite happy outside, even in the shade, so I’ve moved one of them into the planter outside the back door, where I’m hoping it will flourish nicely and grow as big as its pals.

I’m going to plonk the other one in the front garden somewhere I think.

Just goes to show the value of having room to spread your wings a little, I suppose…

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