beeswax lotion

A while ago I bought some beeswax. It was a complete whim – I didn’t have any plans for it. It sat there for months, waiting for me to find inspiration. Eventually, last weekend, I did.

Having searched for something like ‘what to make with beeswax’ I happened on this beeswax lotion. It looked fairly simple, and I had all the ingredients (apart from the vitamin E oil, which I left out).

As promised, it was very straightforward. The most time consuming thing was melting the beeswax and the coconut oil, which I did while pottering around the kitchen. As suggested, I melted them in the jar I was going to store the lotion in (or in my case, two separate jars, each with half the mixture in).

Once it had all melted, I took it off the heat. It cooled pretty quickly, and was quite satisfying to stir. I didn’t add any essential oils in the end, as the smell of the beeswax itself was quite nice, although rather subtle.

I’m not sure I’d call my version ‘lotion’. It doesn’t look quite the same as in the instructions, but then I didn’t measure it accurately, and I didn’t use the vitamin E oil. My version is absolutely perfect for dry skin though. I’ve been using it on feet and elbows all week, and it’s gorgeous. It feels ever so luxurious, smells lovely, and makes my skin very soft.

Total cost? At a rough guess, probably about 50p for olive oil, £1.50 for coconut oil, and about £2 for beeswax, so that’s a total of £4 for two jam jars full of handmade skin softening cream, with only three ingredients. Total time? About an hour with most of that just waiting for everything to melt and then cool, with the occasional stir.

A success I think!

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3 Responses to beeswax lotion

  1. Robyn says:

    That looks amazing! I bet you could increase the proportion of beeswax to make a fantastic lip balm, too!

  2. Prairie girl says:

    Very cool! What a great idea, and far less $ than what I’ve been dishing out all these years for soft skin! Thank you for sharing this DIY!

  3. Lorraine says:

    I tried some of the one you gave to Mum today and it is lovely, even on my rubbish skin!

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