waxwings and other cheerful things

We popped out for milk the other day, and were lucky enough to spy a flock of waxwings in a tree full of berries. They’re lovely creatures, with their perky tufts and splashes of red and yellow. They’re not native to the UK, and only migrate here occasionally, so it’s pretty exciting to see them. I’m told it means there’ll be a cold winter.

I’m loving my city at the minute. Here’s just a few of the cheery things I’ve encountered in the last couple of weeks…

  • These folk are lovely. They collect songs from around the world that are sung in Sheffield. I had the pleasure of serving tea at a concert of theirs last week and it was a Very Jolly Evening Indeed. (I should confess my boyfriend is one of them, but I’d say it even if he wasn’t)
  • This is a great idea. I met with a lovely bunch of people to discuss the possibility of starting something like it in our city. Hope it works out.
  • These folk are lovely too. European music and dance, and gin. Excellent.
  • These folk are the best. Of course, I’m biased (my boyfriend is one of them too, he gets around a bit), but it really was a beautiful way to spend a lunchtime.
  • Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this place before – and then encountered it twice in two days! Spent a most bizarre evening here making a cacophonous racket with part of my flute. I can only apologise.

We rounded off the weekend with breakfast in this cheery cafe in an antiques centre.

What exciting things happen where you live?

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3 Responses to waxwings and other cheerful things

  1. Robyn says:

    Oh not you with the Waxwings too! NO SODDING WAXWINGS! THAT’S what happens where I live! *grumpity grump*

  2. Well it kind of makes up for all those weeks you had new boots and I didn’t! 🙂

  3. Prairie girl says:

    Oh those waxwings are curious looking birds. I like them! Maybe they are part of the Stellar jay family. That’s what they remind me of, with that tuft on their head. Im enjoying my chickadees and flickers theses days. And there are lots of festive shops around town, brimming with the Christmas spirit. Already. With all your goings on, it sounds like you live a very full and rich life with friends. Happy Monday to you from a cold and windy Wyoming.

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