november in the garden


Things are looking rather autumnal in the garden at the minute.

A couple of weeks ago I cut down the fennel. This is an enormous plant that grows taller than me each year, then falls over. The last few years I’ve been harvesting the seeds for fennel tea, although there are more than I manage to drink. I wonder whether fennel seed gin would work??The stalks are pretty sturdy looking, and I’ve used a couple of them to prop up other plants. I can add garden stakes to the list of things I’ve produced in my own garden.

I’ve been pondering what to do with the bit of garden outside the living room window. It’s the sunniest bit, and I often try, and usually fail, to grow some kind of veg in there. At the minute there’s a couple of fruit bushes (I think I harvested four raspberries this year), an enormous sage, a huge lemonbalm, a very dead tomato plant, and several small chive plants. Oh, and a large acer, which is just gorgeous, but which does rather overshadow everything else.

This bit is too big to reach across, so unless I’m going to walk on the soil, it needs something to stand on in the middle. I made a wiggly path, which you can just see in this photo from the bedroom window, but I still can’t reach everywhere, and you can’t see the path most of the time anyway. I woke up a few days with a vision in my head of a small lawn, with raised stone beds overflowing with flowers. Something a little like this or possibly some of these. I’m not entirely convinced I want to be cutting grass though. Perhaps something else between the beds? Woodchip? Or maybe a chamomile lawn? Or a thyme lawn? In fact, I’m quite taken with the idea of a purple lawn.

And are raised beds the answer? They might look a little tidier. And a little more interesting. And it might avoid all of the moisture being sucked from the soil by the acer. But would I build them from stone myself? That’s just asking for a homemade a slightly shoddy look (one which I’m not averse to, but slowly trying to get rid of in the front garden). Perhaps rectangular wooden beds are more suitable? I’m also not convinced about the willow hedge at the minute either. I know it took me ages to plant, and I actually paid for it (which is unusual for me!) but I’m not sure it works. Or maybe it’s just because it’s not properly established yet, and all the leaves are currently falling off. I won’t be making any rash decisions, but I’ll ponder over the coming months.

I wonder whether it just needs to be thicker around the seating area so I can eventually remove the screening?Perhaps something more like this? Easier to do now I’m growing my own willow!

How’s your garden looking right now? A little prettier than mine I hope!

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3 Responses to november in the garden

  1. Fay says:

    Hey up lovely lady. I love the idea of a camomile lawn – they are so pretty or thyme and chamomile combined?

    The willow is looking great for just being in for such a short space of time! Next year I’m sure you’ll see such a difference in it!

    The new door is looking lovely too 🙂 the sunny bed looks like herbs love it – have you thought of more herbs in there?

    A mixture of raised beds and lower beds would look lovely. If you used stone and old wood it might look quite nice in the garden you’ve created.

    Its a sorry time of year in the garden, so don’t lose heart! You’ve acheived tonnes this year.

  2. As Fay says it is a sorry time of year. Our veg patch looks like a washed out Glastonbury (without the tents!) as next door’s guttering is leaking and creating a swimming pool where our garden used to be.

    Here’s to a better gardening 2013 x

  3. Glad it’s not just me with the wasteland garden! Pah to leaking guttering (although a swimming pool might be quite nice I suppose! Perhaps not a muddy cold one where the veg patch should be though…)
    More herbs is the way forwards Fay I think! Will have a ponder on the raised beds…

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