DSCF4732I planned to write about traditions tonight. About how I used to feel like everything had to be the same at Christmas. Putting the tree up on mum’s birthday. Watching ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘The Snowman’. Opening stockings in bed.

Lately I’ve realised I don’t need those things. Many years we’re on holiday. One year we had a branch from the garden instead of a tree. This year we have a wire and wicker light up snowman. I’ve not got round to watching Father Christmas and The Snowman, and I still might not.

Some things don’t change though. Leaving all the present-wrapping until Christmas Eve. Inventing a new and wildly extravagant craft project with one week to go. Starting on the advocaat before I’ve started the Christmas dinner preparations.

Speaking of which, it’s half past midnight here, and I’ve not chopped the potatoes yet. Right now, toast for Christmas dinner is looking appealing…

I hope you are spending Christmas with those you want to spend it with, and that you find moments of merriment whatever you’re doing.

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3 Responses to festiveness

  1. Prairie girl says:

    Sounds like a fine Christmas eve indeed. Do whatever pleases you. There are no rules. Be happy. Eat toast. Wishing you a peaceful day tomorrow. May it be everything you want it to be.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas; it’s great to have traditions, but also make new ones – maybe the Christmas Toast may be the ones your children carry on, who knows!!

  3. I’ve learned this year that although traditions are important, making new ones are equally important.
    Merry christmas x

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