for today..

DSCF4717Outside my window… it’s raining. I can hear the water pouring from the roof where the gutter needs fixing. Listening harder, there are birds singing.

I am thinking… that I am tired. A disturbed night, woken again by rain dripping through the bedroom ceiling. I’m told there’s nothing wrong with the roof. I’m not convinced.

I am thankful… that I don’t have to be outside today. And that I have tea, and heating, and a cosy sofa to curl up on.

In the kitchen… my tea is brewing. A box of clementines sits on the windowsill. And I’ve finally eaten the last of the mincemeat buns so porridge for breakfast from now on.

I am wearing… a non-matching assortment of night clothes (mostly red), and pink woolly socks.

I am creating… a calm mind to hatch the next round of creative projects. After the flurry of Christmas making and doing, I need a rest.

I am going… to a wedding party today. Cocktail dress and painted nails feels oh so very far away from now.

I am wondering… how when I’m busy, it seems easy to do 15 things in a day. When I’m not busy at all, doing 2 things feels impossible.

I am reading… Wartime Farm, and back issues of Evergreen magazine which my auntie found at a craft fair. A whimsical and slightly odd magazine (I’ve just found a picture of a gravestone for a marmoset) – I’ll share more later.

I am hoping… that I feel more properly awake very soon.

I am looking forward to… the new year. My plans are all set, and I love the feeling of starting a new phase of life. I still get giddy when I see new students starting at the university in September. I love the thought of a new start, a new adventure.

I am learning… cable knitting. I always thought it was hard, but a friend who has just learned to knit showed me last night, and it’s easier than I thought.

Around the house… presents are still on the living room floor. The central heating is slowly creaking into action. A new candle burns on the windowsill.

I am pondering… the rest of the morning. More tea I think. A shower. Painting my nails a rather fabulous shade of purple. Gathering a dress, shoes, hair clips. Driving through the rain.

A favorite quote for today… ‘sometimes an ounce of cure is worth a lifetime of prevention’ (Barbara Kingsolver) – throw all that washing in together people, what’s the worst that could happen?

One of my favorite things… the early (ish) morning quiet of the house before the business of the day begins.

A few plans for the rest of the week: making more plans for the new year. Finishing my raised bed. Putting presents away. A real life drink with people met through the internet. And a whole load of not-very-much-at-all.

A peek into my day…

DSCF4722Join in at The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

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4 Responses to for today..

  1. Kim says:

    Hi – loving your Daybook entry. Hope you enjoyed your wedding party 🙂

  2. jennifer a says:

    i am guilty of sometimes throwing the wash in together, not as much as i used to do it tho

  3. cherisong says:

    I love the “throw the wash in together” relationship to “an iunce if cure” quote. Oh, the sense of abandonment I felt!

    Yet another lovely post with much thought and humour.

  4. Maria says:

    “throw all that washing in together people, what’s the worst that could happen?”
    I Love that 🙂

    you have captured the wet rainy raininess perfectly for me.

    I hope you enjoy your real-life drink with people from the internet 🙂 that sounds rather nice.

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