frugal friday – saving £2 coins

I’m joining in with Robyn again today for her Frugal Friday series. Why not pop over and have a look what she’s saying?

Today I want to show you my £2 coin collection.

DSCF4881I love collecting £2 coins. I’ve tried throwing all my small change in a jar, and while that does add up, it always seems a lot of fuss and bother to count it and take it to the bank in a giant heavy load. And we tend to buy food almost daily, so pennies tend to mount up faster than we can find space for them.

£2 coins though… They’re not so common that you end up stashing away half of the week’s food money if you save every one. And they’re big. They’re easy to count, so you can count them over and over again if you like (which I do).

And when you count them, it feels like counting piles of gold. I always imagine I’m a queen in an old fashioned nursery rhyme.

DSCF4882I’ve been saving since about November, and I appear to have £80 already. No wonder the bank balance has felt like it was going down rather quickly – every time I take cash out a fair bit of it ends up in the £2 coins jar!

A group of us decided to save them for a whole year (ending in November). I’m not sure what I’m going to use them for yet.

I could do what Sue over at Our New Life in the Country blog is doing with hers – using them as her housekeeping money for an entire year. What a fantastic challenge! I’ll be watching with interest to see how she gets on. I think I might prefer to spend mine on treats though, something I wouldn’t otherwise buy. After all, that’s what it says they’re for on the jar.

DSCF4888Any suggestions? Do you save £2 coins? What do you save yours for?

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6 Responses to frugal friday – saving £2 coins

  1. Robyn says:

    Well I WOULD save them, but apparently there is currently a world (well, ok, UK) shortage of them – hadn’t you heard? Apparently someone in the North is using nefarious means to claim ALL the £2 coins in the UNIVERSE (well, OK, in the UK) for their own! Scandalous, isn’t it!
    Hee hee!

  2. L says:

    Hi, We’ve been saving our £2 coins for a while now – usually we save them for a year and put them towards a holiday – so definitely for a treat. I agree it is brilliant how they add up to a substantial amount and yet you don’t seem to notice putting them in there – except of course when someone gives you £8’s worth of change in them.

  3. Helena Romanowska says:

    I bought a savings tin that you can only open with a tin opener (50p in a sale) and covered it with holiday pics. I then used to save all my £2 coins in it and I would nick my partner’s as well if he left his change lying around. We couldn’t open it to ‘just borrow’ from it.

    We were staying in a bungalow in Somerset for our holiday and we opened the tin there and decided to use it for outings and treats. There was more than enough for what we needed and we even came home with about £80 still in it.

    We don’t do it now as he is self-employed and our income dropped substantially so every £2 counts!

    Good luck with your saving though.

  4. Thanks all! I think I might have developed a plan of what to do with them now – more soon…

  5. Bea says:

    Hi, I have been collecting £2 coins for over a year and plan to buy a Thermomix with them. 🙂

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