friday frolics

DSCF4889Today marks the end of my first official three day weekend. Strangely, working a four day week feels so much shorter than working five days. This glorious state of affairs will continue until at least October, and I’m already nicely used to it.

I don’t have any particular plans for my free Fridays, but I do want to make sure that I appreciate them, so thought I’d post a couple of pictures each weekend showing what I got up to with my ‘extra’ day.

This Friday I met a friend for a cuppa, and talked about books. Then I spent some time reading and commenting a journal article my friend wrote, and then met both him and another friend for tea and a rather elaborately-presented cake.

DSCF4892We wandered past the cutlery monster in the local museum, and had a lovely afternoon catching up.

DSCF4897I had a vague feeling of unease that I should be somewhere else, but the only thing I could think of that I ‘should’ be doing was painting the bedroom, which didn’t seem important enough when my friend was visiting from Hong Kong…

On the bus home I remembered my flute lesson was starting in five minutes… Aha…

The rest of the weekend also seems to have involved a fair bit of tea and cafes.

DSCF4916Oh, and painting. And more painting. My tactic seems to be to splosh as much paint around as possible in the hope some reaches the parts I intended to paint.

I spend quite a lot of time cleaning paint out of the carpets…

Do you have an extra weekday off? Do you do anything special with it? How has your weekend been?

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